24 September 2011

Vintage Cars…



Date of Issue : 28 September 2011

Faroe Islands Post will issue a set of three stamps and a miniature sheet featuring vintage cars of Faroe Islands. “Vinatge Cars “ is a popular theme and many postal administrations have issued stamps on this theme. Faroe Islands Post will also issue a SEPAC 2011 stamp on the same day featuring scenery which is the theme of SEPAC issues .

Vintage cars

Each vintage car featured on  stamps has its own unique story. The black lorry was the first vehicle to arrive in the Faroe Islands in 1922. The red bus that operated between Vestmanna, Kvívík and Kollafjørður was converted from a tanker and the home-made ‘De Luxe Model’  was the first car on the island to have a cassette player and loudspeakers.



The first car on the Faroe Islands

The first car arrived on the island on 6 May 1922 when Johannes Olsen and Júst Sivertsen from Tórshavn bought a Ford TT truck from Wenzel Petersen and Vilhelm Nielsen, who had a forge in Quillingsgård in Tórshavn.

‘De Luxe Model’ built on the Faroe Islands

In the mid-1950s a home-made Faroese car drove through the streets of Tórshavn. It belonged to the Norwegian Almar Nordhaug, who built the car together with his colleagues at the barrel factory in Tórshavn. It was not unusual to convert cars in the Faroe Islands in the mid-20th century, but the car they built at the factory was unique and far ahead of its time.

Sepac 2011


Date of Issue : 28 September 2011

Special Covers



AJPEX 2004  – Philately Day

: Ashwani Dubey- Gorakhpur

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Those stamps are incredibly beautiful! It just goes that people really are fascinated with vintage cars. Hope I can add those in my collections. Thanks!

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