20 August 2019

New Stamps from India

Gandhian Heritage in Modern India

Date of Issue : 15 August 2019

Indians in First World War

Date of Issue :  20 August 2019

 (Set of 15 stamps and 4 Miniature sheets)

Air Warriors

Indian War Memorials

Major Battle Theatres

Maharaja Ganga Singh , Indian Signatory to the Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 2019

19 August 2019

Forthcoming Stamp Exhibitions

National Stamp Show INPEX 2019 , Mumbai 
18-22 December 2019


The World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. 


The PCI NATIONAL STAMP SHOW INPEX 2019 (hereinafter referred to as INPEX 2019) will be held at the World Trade Centre, Expo Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-400 005 from 18 to 22 December 2019. 

The exhibition is being organized by the Philatelic Congress of India with the support of Department of Posts and Member Philatelic Societies for furtherance and promotion of philately as an educative hobby. 

It will provide an opportunity to the Indian philatelists to participate in a National Exhibition and qualify for international participation. The exhibition will also include INVITEE CLASS, which will display outstanding exhibits of Jury Members, Eminent Philatelists, National Philatelic Museum, Department of Posts and Security Printers by invitation. 


5.1 Rules and Regulations 

The INPEX 2019 will be governed by the PCI, India Post and F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX), General Regulation for Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits (GREV), Special Regulation for Evaluation of Exhibits (SREV) and Guidelines, and Special Regulations of INPEX 2019. 

5.2 Eligibility 

5.2.1 Participation in INPEX 2019 is open to all philatelists, who are resident in India and are member of the Philatelic Congress of India or its affiliated Society. 

5.2.2 National Championship Class : An exhibit which has received any of the following awards within last 10 years (in or after 2009) will only be eligible for participation in the Championship Class: 

(a) Gold Medal in a recognized previous Indian National or a FIAP Asian International or FIP World Exhibition, or 

(b) Large Vermeil in a FIP World or FIP recognized FIAP Asian International Exhibitions. 

The Exhibits which have received Large Gold Medal or higher awards at FIP/FIAP World/International Exhibitions or Champion of Champions award in any previous Indian National Exhibitions will not be eligible to participate. 

5.2.3 Other Competitive Classes : All exhibits which have received any of the following awards within last 10 years (in or after 2009) are eligible for participation in the other Competitive Classes: 1. A Bronze medal in a FIP/FIAP World or International Exhibition. 2. A Sliver Bronze medal in a recognized previous Indian National Exhibition. 3. A Silver medal in a Circle/State Level exhibition held by the Department of Post or recognized by the Philatelic Congress of India. 

5 4. The exhibits which have earlier won Gold Medal in any previous Indian National or FIP/FIAP World/International Exhibitions can participate only in the Championship Class. 

5.2.4 New Entrants: Applications for deserving new philatelic exhibits may be submitted from those States where no State Level exhibition has been held for the last three years. Such applications should be recommended by a member of the Organizing Committee of INPEX 2019 or President of the Philatelic Society affiliated to the Philatelic Congress of India in their state. The application in the prescribed form should be accompanied with the appropriate recommendation letter and a photocopy of the title page. 

5.2.5 School Exhibits: There will be a section for School Exhibits in which Exhibits collectively developed by its students shall be displayed in the name of the school. Maximum allotment in this category will be 4 frames. 

5.2.6 The entire exhibit must be bonafide property of the Exhibitor and should have been largely owned by him for at least 2 years prior to exhibiting. The signing of entry form will be deemed to be an implied declaration to this effect and acceptance of all other Rules & Regulations along with any amendments made hereafter. 

5.2.7 The exhibit should be entered under correct Class and Group. An exhibit considered to be incorrectly entered is liable to be transferred to its appropriate Class and Group. 

5.2.8 All exhibits must be mounted on loose leaf exhibit sheets and enclosed in transparent protective covers. Black or dark colour sheets will not be accepted. 

5.2.9 The organizers reserve the right to reject/remove any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason in which case the frame fee will be refunded. 

5.2.10 An exhibitor will be permitted a maximum of 2 entries. In case of a family, not more than 4 entries shall be permitted. The Literature or One Frame entries will not be counted for this purpose. 

5.2.11 Exhibits in One Frame Class should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame. A one frame extract from an award winning multiple-frame exhibit will not be permitted. 6 

5.2.12 The Handbooks and Special Studies Group entries in the Literature Class must have been published on or after 01.01.2014 and all Other Group entries on or after 01.01.2017. 

5.2.13 A youth participant will be permitted only one exhibit. All applications in the Youth Class should be accompanied with the Proof of Date of Birth.


8.1 Exhibitors desirous of participating in the exhibition should apply online or in the prescribed Form in duplicate, along with a copy of the Introductory Page and synopsis of the exhibit. The entry Forms duly filled in and signed or online application should reach the Secretary, PCI NATIONAL STAMP SHOW INPEX 2019, latest by 30 September 2019. The Application Forms will be available with the Secretary, PCI NATIONAL STAMP SHOW INPEX 2019, Philatelic Bureau, G.P.O, Mumbai-400001, or may be downloaded from website www. inpex2019.com. 

8.2 The Exhibits which have already received Large Vermeil in previous Indian National Exhibitions may apply for either 5 or 8 frames (as per participant’s choice). All other Competitive Senior Class entries will be allotted 5 frames only. 

8.3 The Youth Group A & B may apply for 2 to 4 frames and Youth Group C for 3 to 5 frames. The School Exhibits may apply for 3 to 4 frames. 

8.4 All exhibits must be accompanied by one set of photo copy of each exhibit sheet duly signed by the exhibitor for security purpose only. 

8.5 All exhibits must be accompanied by inventory of each exhibit sheet in duplicate. Inventory form will be supplied along with the allotment letter or can be down loaded from the website www.inpex2019.com.


11.1 The applicable participation fees will be as under : 

Invitee, Youth and School Classes - No participation Fee. 

National Championship Class frame. - Rs.3,000/- + GST* @ 18% per 

General Competitive Classes frame. - Rs.1,500/- + GST* @ 18% per One Frame Exhibit Class Entry. - Rs.2,000/- + GST* @ 18% per 

Literature Class Entry. - Rs.2,000/- + GST* @ 18% Per


7.1 Invitee Class (Non Competitive Class) The outstanding exhibits of Jury Members, Eminent Philatelists, Security Printers, National Philatelic Museum, Mumbai GPO Philatelic Museum, Department of Posts, Army Postal Services, Postal Administrations and other organizations will be exhibited by invitation only. 

7.2 Competitive Class: 

Class 1: National Championship Class 

Class 2: Traditional Philately 

2A India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India 
2B Indian Princely States 
2C India since Independence 
2D Rest of the world 

Class 3: Postal History 3A India Pre Adhesive Period 3B India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India 3C Indian Princely States 3D India since Independence 7 3E Rest of the world 

Class 4: Postal Stationery. 4A India Pre-Independence, including French India & Portuguese India 4B Indian Princely States 4C India since Independence; 4D Rest of the world 

Class 5: Aerophilately/Astrophilately 5A India 5B Rest of the world 

Class 6: Thematic 

6A Mahatma Gandhi 
6B Other Indian Themes 
6C Nature 
6D Culture 
6E Technology The Applications for Thematic Exhibits must clearly indicate the applicable 

Sub-Class (A to E), as listed above. 

Class 7: Maximaphilly 

Class 8: Revenues 8A India 8B Indian Princely States 8C Rest of the world. 

Class 9: First Day Covers. 

Class 10: Open Class 

Class 11:Modern Philately (Philatelic material issued after 1980) 

Class 12: One Frame exhibits 

12A Traditional 

12B Postal History 

12C Postal Stationery 8 

12D Aerophilately / Astrophilately 

12E Thematic 

12F Maximaphily 

12G Revenue Applications for One Frame Exhibits must clearly indicate the applicable Sub-Class (A to G), as listed above. The One Frame exhibits will be awarded marks/points, which will be mentioned in the certificate and no medals will be awarded. 

Class 13: Philatelic Literature (Published items only and not manuscripts) 

13A Philatelic Hand Books, Monographs, Specialized Research Articles, Exhibition Catalogues, etc. (Should be published on or after 01-01-2014) 

13B Philatelic Journals, Periodicals, Columns and General Articles (at least 10 different), etc.(Should be published on or after 01.01.2017. For Journals most recent complete volume should be submitted.) 13C Catalogues (Should be published on or after 01-01-2017) Class 

14: Youth Class (Completed age as on 01-01-2019) 

14A Age for Group A between 10-15 Years 

14B Age for Group B between 16-18 Years 

14C Age for Group C between 19-21 Years Class 15: School Collections.

All Communications and Registered letters to be sent to: 

The Secretary, INPEX 2019 Philatelic Bureau, G.P.O., MUMBAI - 400 001 www.inpex2019.com 

Contact Details : Philatelic Congress of India www.philateliccongressofindia.com 

Mr. Surendra Kotadia, Secretary, INPEX 2019 Mobile No: 98199 03789 Email: surendrakotadia@gmail.com

Mr. Kapil Gogri Astt. Secretary, INPEX 2019 Mobile No: 9821111140 Email: kapilg25@hotmail.com

Visit : www.inpex2019.com 


- Wolfgang Beyer, Germany

03 August 2019

Indian Winners at SINGPEX 2019, Singapore

SINGPEX 2019, FIAP General Asian International Stamp Exhibition  is being held in Singapore from 31 July to 4 August, 2019. Here is the award list of  Indian participants.

Heartiest Congratulations !!

1st Row : Rajesh JhunJhunwala, Anil Suri, OK Prakash, Mohanchandran Nair, Anand Kakad,
2nd Row : Monteiro Daniel,Avinash Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Sandeep Chaurasia, Ashwani Dubey

Indian Winners at SINGPEX 2019
1. Rajesh jhunjhunwala 91points – Gold + Sp Prize
2.Suri Anil 90 points - Gold 
3.Ramchandran M 83 points - Vermeil  
4.OK Prakash 83 points -  Vermeil
5.Nair Mohanachandran 78 points - Large Silver
6.Kakad Anand 80 points - Vermeil
7.Saraf pramod Kumar 65 points - Silver Bronze
8.Monteiro Daniel 71 points - Silver
9.Thakre vindhya 68 points - Silver Bronze
10.Thakre Mandhar 70 points - Silver
11.Sharma Dinesh Chandra 80 points -Vermeil
12.Chaurasia sandeep 71 points - Silver
13.Dubey Ashwani 70 points - Silver
14.K.sridhar 66 points - Silver Bronze
15.Pankaj Tyagi 70 points – Silver
16.Srinivasan Harsh Baradhan 68 points - Silver Bronze
17.S.Abhishek 70 points - Silver
18.Bagmar Sayam Sanjay 68 points -Silver Bronze
19.Sharma Avinash 82 points - Vermeil + Sp prize
20.Ganguli Rahul cp
21.Srinivasan paramasivam cp
21.Srinivasan paramasivam cp

Courtesy – CG Bhaskar, Jagannath Mani

01 August 2019

New stamps from India - Indian Perfumes

Indian Perfumes

Date of Issue : 1 August 2019

A set of 4 scented stamps  of Rs 25 each featuring jasmine and sandalwood   and two miniature sheets on Indian Perfumes  were released by India Post at SINGPEX 2019 Singapore.

Gangajal at your Doorstep now...

Special Cover : Gangajal at your door !

India Post released a special cover  on  " Gangajal at your door " on 30 July 2019 releasing at all HPOs of UP Circle.

Cover released at Gorakhpur

L to R : Mr. S. N. Dubey,  SSP , Mr Devendra Singh, Principal GM BSNL,  Mr Sanjay Singh Postmaster General,  Gorakhpur

Cover from Noida 

- Raman Kumar Mandal, Gorakhpur

Cover released at  Allahabad

Courtesy - Prayag Philatelic Society, Allahabad

26 July 2019

Special stamp on Blind Talents by Latvia post

Date of Issue : 26 July 2019

 Blind Talents - Painters

Latvijas Pasts in collaboration with the social company Blind Art has released a new stamp and a cover featuring works of art created using the tactile painting technique, a way of painting adapted to visually impaired people. The drawings have been made by the pupils of Strazdumuiža Residential Secondary School. 

The design of the stamp and the cover incorporates several works created during the classes of visual and tactile art at the development centre of Strazdumuiža Residential Secondary School by the pupils of grades 4 to 8, working jointly under the supervision of the teacher Baiba Pika.

The stamp created by the gifted blind persons includes the painting Garāmgājējs (A Passer-by), while the cover is decorated with the drawings Balerīna (Ballerina) and Gribu būt karalis! (I Want to Be King!). The first day postmark depicts the stylus, a centre-punching tool used in tactile painting.

Tactile Painting

Tactile painting is a special type of drawing adapted to visually impaired people. Paper is attached to a specially designed drawing object and a stylus is used to centre-punch the contour of the drawing object. The resulting silhouette of the drawing is turned over and painting with specialised finger paints or oil chalks is carried out by touching the tactile dots made in the centre-punching process. 

24 July 2019

Winners of Dhai Akhar Letter writing Competition


organized by India Post

Category Envelope (Below 18 Years)

1st Ms. Diksha,DAl4OlD, DA Block Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064 Delhi
2 nd Mr. Siddha;tha Bhattacharjee, Revenue Plot No. 37, Rynjah, Shillon9-06 North East
3rd Ms. Mudra Joshi, 8-203, Shrinand Nagar-S Vejalpur, Makarba, Ahmedabad- 380051 Gujarat

Category. Inland Letter Card (Below 18 Years)

1st Ms. Diksha,DAl4OlD, DA Block Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064 Delhi
2 znd Mr. Siddha;tha Bhattacharjee, Revenue Plot No. 37, Rynjah, Shillon9-06 North East 3
3rd Ms. Mudra Joshi, 8-203, Shrinand Nagar-S Vejalpur, Makarba, Ahmedabad- 380051 Gujarat

Envelope {Above 18 Years)

 1st Ms. Sulagna Sarkar, D-15, Jayshree Park, Kolkata - 700034 West Bengal
 2nd Ms. Sneha Chouhan, Maharaja Yashwantrao School, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore, MP Madhya    Pradesh
3rd Ms. Deepshikha Gupta, D/o Kali Prasad Gupta, Class X-A, S.J. DAV Public School, Chaibasa – 833201

Category Inland letter Card (Above 18 Years)

1st Mr. Devina Mohan, Kanneth House, Ettekkar, Edathala PO, Aluva, Ernakulam 683561 Kerala
2nd Ms. Gongotrisaikia, Geeta Nagar, Kachalukhowa, Nagaon, Assam -J82 0O1 Assim  
3rd Mr. Gupteshwar Nath Upadhyay, Flat-S,4th Floor, Mahasu Sadan, Bhagwati Nagar, Lower Khalini, Shimla L71

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