19 December 2014

New Special Cover


‘My stamp’ and  ‘Special cover’  on Rotary  issued by India Post, Bihar Circle on 5th Dec.


A special Cover was released on  Rotary day Celebration by Bihar Postal Circle on 5th December 2014 with the release of My Stamp . The cover is based on Buddhism theme and was released by RI President Gary CK Huang.






- Pradip Jain – Patna : email : philapradip@gmail.com


Article on 1948 Gandhi Memorial Issue


An article on 1948 Gandhi Memorial Issue  by noted professional philatelist of Patna Mr Pradip Jain  was recently published in  popular International stamp magazine Gibbons Stamp Monthly. The whole story is being published into three series Nov. 14 , Dec 14 and Jan 15 issue.

18 December 2014

Christmas stamps from Royal Mail



Date of Issue : 4 November 2014

Here is a beautiful miniature sheet  issued by  Royal mail for this year;s Christmas. This festive Miniature Sheet features all seven Special Stamps on a snowy background illustrated by Andrew Bannecker, bearing the words : Christmas 2014.

The Mint Stamps feature five tableaux: Collecting the Christmas Tree, Posting Christmas Cards, Building a Snowman, Carol Singing and Ice Skating. The first two tableaux also feature on the Large stamps, enabling a full range of seven values to be offered.


Collecting the Christmas Tree Second Class A father and his son (son and daughter in the Large version) trudge contentedly home in the snow, having picked up their tree in the run-up to Christmas.


Posting Christmas Cards First Class A robin, cheekily perched on top of a post box, watches as a girl and little boy (accompanied by another child in the Large version) pop in their Christmas cards.


Building a Snowman £1.28 Already sporting a carrot nose and hat and scarf in traditional Christmas colours red and green, a snowman is completed when a boy adds a twig arm.


Carol Singing £1.47 In the shimmering glow of a classic street lamp, a family sing a round of festive songs as the snow tumbles gently down.



Ice Skating £2.15 In the final stamp, a mother and daughter skate together hand in hand on a frozen pond with a suitably festive backdrop of pine trees.

Christmas 2014 Stamp Cards


The images on Christmas 2014 stamps really are incredibly festive, so they look even more Christmassy when enlarged in postcard size. 8 in set.

17 December 2014

New Special Cover from Odisha



1st CBS Sub Post Office of Odisha Circle

A special cover was released on 1st CBS Post Office of Odisha Circle by the Hon'ble Governor of Odisha, Dr. S C Jamir on 9 Decembere 2014.




Rajbhawan S O, Bhubaneswar – 751 008 successfully migrated to CBS on 09.12.2014 First CBS Sub Post Office of Odisha Circle and 2ndCBS Office ( Next to Bhubaneswar GPO) .


- Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum

Image Courtesy  - http://ipasporissa.blogspot.in/2014/12/roll-out-of-raj-bhawan-so-to-cbs-as.html

CBS Post Office

India Post has the largest Postal Savings Bank network in the world. Keeping pace with the technological changes in the banking field and to meet the expectations of the customers, India Post has undertaken a project for switching over to a Core Banking Solution (CBS) platform with a total project outlay of Rs. 800 crores. CBS will enable customers to do banking operations through computers, mobile phones and withdraw cash through ATMs. Money transfer from one account to another too will become easier and faster.

Old Toys – Europa2015 Theme




Date of Issue : 8 May 2015

I am sharing here few stamps to be released by European Countries in 2015 on “old traditional” Toys. The theme of Europa 2015 is old Toys. Europa stamps will feature popular traditional old toys of the respective countries.  Stamp from Aland features  “Monkey with drum”. This toy was very popular few decades ago all over the world . Pulling toys were also favorites of little children and will be featured on stamps from Denmark. Building Blocks have  always been  very popular among children and these will appear on stamps from Denmark.


image image

Date of Issue : 2 January 2015


image image

Date of Issue : 4 May 2015


image image

Date of Issue : 30th April 2015

View : Complete list of Europa 2015 stamps


The meaning of toys as we know it today being exclusively playthings for children was not commonly used until the nineteenth century. Before then and even into the early 1800’s the word toy was used to describe anything from an adult bauble of little or no value to a very expensive miniature (like handcrafted pieces of silver furniture handmade by the best craftsmen). The word toy comes from an old English world meaning tool.

Ancient toys from excavations of Egyptian ruins show that children had a variety: painted wood balls or glazed papyrus and reeds; spinning tops of wood, papyrus, or stone; pull toys and dolls crafts of wood, ivory, gold, bronze and clay. Some wooden animals had moveable parts, like the jaws of tigers and crocodiles.

Both in Greek and Roman times there were lots of different children’s playthings. They played with clay spinning tops (some propelled with a piece of thread on the end of a stick), balls, terracotta animals and dolls with moving arms and legs, baby toys including animal shaped rattles. Roman children had dolls, wooden toy hoops, spinning tops, drums, draughts, and wooden animals.  Children's games like naughts and crosses, knucklebones and blind man's bluff existed. Wood horses for both these eras were also favourites, including models of the Trojan horse. Many in this period were designed to develop physical fitness. Some, like the hoop, were used by both children and adults. Kites were another old plaything enjoyed by young and old. The Chinese, who invented kites over 3000 years ago, developed many variations and also used them to send signals. The Chinese or Japanese invented the whipped top at an early date. These became so popular and all different types spread throughout Asia and the Middle East. In the English 1500’s toys were popular. For example a Tudor Christmas was a special celebration full of fun and also pomp. The celebrations took place in halls and a Lord of Misrule rode in on a hobby horse, Mummers were actors, Jesters kept everyone happy and Merrymakers (ordinary people) wore costumes and heads of strange monsters! The musicians would have played with pipes, drums, lutes and whistles from a gallery.

As long as toys have existed they have reflected the cultures that produced them. They reflect popular styles of clothing, activities, occupations, social standards and conditions. For example boats, wheeled vehicles and planes of transportation all show the styles of the period in which they were made. Doll makers and craft toys often reflect period styles and clothing.

The Europa 2015 stamps will feature old traditional toys .

Club News

"ITS Stamp News"and completes 17 years of publication


The Indian Thematic Society has issued a new issue no.68 December 2014 of its quarterly magazine "ITS Stamp News" ( Editor – Suraj Jaitly ) and completed 17 years of its regular publication without any break or combined issue. Many many congratulations to Mr Suraj Jaitly.The issue has been despatched to its regular subscribers if you are not its subscriber Please contact :

Suraj Jaitly  email :   indianthematicsociety@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 98728 51244
MIG # 3464, Phase Two, Dugri Road, Ludhiana - 141 013 INDIA

Press Clippings

Finding music in stamps and coins


Gandikota Sriramarao has 250 coins and 93 musical currency notes, apart from over 4,000 stamps from around the world, collected over 24 years. Photo: R. Ravindran – The Hindu

There is music in these postage stamps. They are not just pieces of paper with images on them but contain music that you can listen to,’ says retired Commander Gandikota Sriramarao, as he shows off his collection of gramophone record/CD/DVD stamps from Bhutan and North Korea that can actually be played.

The Visakhapatnam-based philatelist is exhibiting his collection of currency notes, coins and pictorial cancellations related to music at the Tag Listening and Viewing Archives at The Music Academy.

An avid interest in music and singing led Mr. Sriramarao to learn music after he retired from the Indian Navy.

“Collecting stamps, coins and currency have been my passion from childhood. But when I started learning music, I decided to collect things connected to music. I have been doing it for 24 years now and have 250 coins and 93 musical currency notes apart from over 4,000 stamps from around the world,” says the 74-year-old who spends half his pension on this.

A walking encyclopaedia on stamps and currency, he says, “There are 76 musical post offices in 13 countries. They are named after musicians.”

At the exhibition, open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. till Saturday, one can see coins shaped like guitars and those embedded with Swarovski crystals, or even gold and silver.

Mr. Sriramarao’s wife, Ramalakshmi Gandikota, herself a musician, and son Vijai Gandikota too share his passion for stamps and are at hand to explain the significance of the collection to visitors at the exhibition.

The Hindu  - 17 December 2014

- Mahesh Parekh - Chennai

16 December 2014

New stamp from India

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

image  image

Date of Issue : 15 December 2014

Image Courtesy : MB Stamps





A commemorative stamp on Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan was released by the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Prof. (Dr.) Ram Shankar Katheria and the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shri Upendra Kushwaha in presence of Shri S. K. Sinha, Member (HRD), Postal Services Board at the presentation of the KVS Incentive Award for Innovation and Experimentation-2014 to the KVS Teachers held on the occasion of KVS foundation day in New Delhi on 15th December, 2014.

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A release function of Postage Stamp on Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan  was also held at KV, CLRI, Chennai,  to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of KVS Foundation Day on 15th December 2014.


450th birth anniversary of William Shakespeare



Date of Issue : 21 November 2014

Vatican Post has released a special commemorative stamp on occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare.

This year marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare, considered one of the greatest literary figures of all time. Little is known about his personal life, but we know that he was born in Stratford where he spent the first and last years of his life.

He went to London to search for greater fortune where he became well known as an actor, author and theatre director. His works have remained with us and been celebrated down through the centuries following his death. The heritage of his work is celebrated and translated in every language and performed on stages around the world.

His great skill consisted in understanding the needs of the public by staging complex dramatizations of his characters. The characters were so real that they seemed like a mirror image of the men and women of all times thanks to Shakespeare’s profound knowledge of the varying disposition of human nature.

The Philatelic and Numismatic Office is marking the celebration with an 0.85 cent postage stamp on a sheet with ten values. The face of Shakespeare appears to be in a curious position and he has a flower in his hand.

Stamp on Synchronized skating from Finland

Marigold IceUnity - synchronized skating team from Helsinki, Finland


Date of Issue : 19 January 2015

Here is a new beautiful  stamp  to be issued by Finland on the 19th of January, 2015.This issue is  dedicated to the World championship skating team Marigold.

Marigold IceUnity are a senior-level synchronized skating team from Helsinki, Finland, representing the figure skating club Helsingin Luistelijat. Coached by Anu Oksanen and Katariina Rundberg, they are four-time World Champions and currently ranked first in the world by the International Skating Union.

Helsingin Luistelijat also fields the Musketeers at the junior level, Starlights at the novice level, Sunlights at the juvenile level and Creme De Ments at the adult level.

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