26 May 2017

Street art on stamps

Date of Issue : 16 May 2017

Street Art
In recent decades there has been an explosion of art practice in the urban environments. Street art describes public artistic expression that appears outside traditional art venues, such as galleries. 
Beginning as unsanctioned graffiti in the 1980s, street art has now evolved into a sophisticated range of practices, including stencil art, poster art, spray painting, yarn bombing and installation art. Australia has a particularly vibrant street art culture and this issue features four portraits by internationally respected artists painted in the streets of Melbourne and Adelaide.

$1 Mural by Adnate, Melbourne, 2014

Adnate’s large-scale works can be seen all over the world. Commissioned by the City of Melbourne, his 23-metre mural of an Indigenous boy was painted in Hosier Lane, Melbourne, in 2014.

$1 Portrait by Vans the Omega, Adelaide, 2015

Influential Adelaide-based artist Vans the Omega painted the vivid female portrait on a house in Railway Terrace, Adelaide, in 2015.

$1 Forever curious by Rone and Phibs, Melbourne, 2013

Australian artists Rone and Phibs collaborated on Forever curious, the expressive portrait of a woman in Rutledge Lane, Melbourne, in June 2013. As is the ephemeral nature of much street art, it was painted over with blue paint by another artist only two months later.

$1 Shinka by Fin DAC, Adelaide, 2016

Irish artist Fin DAC employed a stencil and spray paint technique to create the mural Shinka, as part of the Little Rundle Street Art Project in Adelaide in early 2016.
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23 May 2017

Stamp on Marriage equality by Canada Post

Date of Issue : 9 May 2017

Canada Post unveiled a stamp commemorating the 2005 passage of the Civil Marriage Act, which made marriage equality the law throughout Canada. Grassroots activists, government officials and community members attended the unveiling, catching the first glimpse of the new stamp, which features the iconic rainbow symbol. The unveiling was held at and in partnership with The 519, a City of Toronto agency committed to the health, happiness and full participation of LGBTQ communities.
The marriage equality stamp is the fourth in a set of 10 that Canada Post is issuing to celebrate Canada’s 150th year since Confederation.

Marriage equality debate takes centre stage
In early 2001, the battle for the right to marry took centre stage, after Reverend Brent Hawkes married two same-sex couples in a ceremony in Toronto. When the City refused to issue marriage licenses for these unions, it set off a series of heated court battles and public debate. The legal challenges culminated on June 10, 2003, when the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying was a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Within hours of the decision, Michael Leshner and Michael Stark were married in Toronto, the first same-sex couple to wed after the legislation.
Similar court battles were also taking place in provinces across the country, and more provincial courts issued rulings legalizing marriage equality: B.C. in July 2003, followed by Quebec, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia in 2004. Finally, on July 20, 2005, the government of Canada passed the federal legislation that legalized marriage equality across the country, making Canada the fourth country in the world and the first outside of Europe to grant same-sex couples the right to marry the one they loved.
Today, with support continuing to grow across the globe, more than 20 countries have legalized same‑sex marriage on the national level. 

20 May 2017

New stamps for animal lovers

 Stamps on Squirrel and Kingfisher from Korea Post

Date of Issue : 6 June 2017

Postmarks on animals from Taiwan

On May 17th 2017 three different pictorial postmarks were issued  in Taiwan.
Fengyuan Post Office
Pingdung  Post Office
Taidung Post Office
The postmarks are for the new ATM SIKA DEER,  for the philatelic exhibition ROCUPEX 2017 in Taipei.The postmarks are featuring the Sika deer (Cervus nippon taiouanus).

New Pictorial postmark on owl from Poland

On June 9,2017  a new pictorial postmark will be available  in Police 1 (Poland).The postmark is featuring a Long-eared owl (Asio otus).

- Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie

18 May 2017

New Special Cover

Biddatanda Hockey Namme - 2017 (21st Kodava Hockey Namme)

The Biddatanda Family, a pre-eminent clan of Kodavas is based at Napoklu( Nalnad) from time immemorial. It is said that the Biddatanda Chieftains ruled parts of Kodagu at a time now lost to recorded history. The Biddatanda clan now numbers just over 120 persons. Some of its members have held and several continue to hold prominent offices in various Government services and public fields. The family aspires to guide the 20 year old tradition of the Kodava Hockey Festival into its 21st year with dignity, pride and uniting all Kodava families in a single arena, playing and celebrating Hockey from 17th April 2017 to 14th May 2017 at Napoklu. 

The special cover is released to commemorate the 21 st Hockey Namme( Festival) in Kodagu.

: Suresh R. - Bangalore

16 May 2017

The Face of Finland...Public Faces on stamps...

On May 9, 2017 Finnish Post issued Finland 100 - The Faces of Finland, a stamp sheet consisting of photos featuring faces, These are unique stamps that portray photos of faces ! 

Date of Issue : 9 May 2017

Finish Post, Posti ran a campaign in fall 2016 to collect photos of faces from the public for a special stamp publication to mark Finland's centenary of independence. The thousands of photos come together like a mosaic to form different stamps, which are positioned on the sheet in the form of the map of Finland. Each stamp and booklet is unique.

"These stamps are worth a close look, as receivers and senders might spot their own face or the faces of acquaintances on them," says Tommi Kantola, Design Manager at Posti.

The stamps were designed by graphic designer Klaus Welp, with the advertising agency Bob the Robot responsible for their technical implementation. To Posti's knowledge, this method of stamp design and production has never been used before.

The Finland 100 - The Faces of Finland booklet contains ten domestic no-value indicator stamps (unit price €1.30). A total of 60,000 booklets have been printed. 

14 May 2017

New Stamps from India - Champaran Satyagraha Centenary

Champaran Satyagraha Centenary

Date of Issue : 13 May 2017

Mr. Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Communication (Independent Charge) And Minister of State for Railways released a set of 3 stamps in the denominations of Rs 5, 10 and 25 and a Miniature Sheet  on Champaran Satyagraha Centenary on May 13, 2017. 

The issue has a DESIGN ERROR: The Rs 10 has the inscription in the English only and does not carry the mandatory inscription in Hindi as well. While the Rs 25 denomination has the inscription in Hindi twice.

Source : Stamps of India

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