05 March 2015

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Lifetime Achievement Award to  Noted artist and  philatelist Shri Dipok Dey by Department of Posts

Renowned artist and philatelist  Shri Dipok Dey was honoured with ‘Life time achievement award’ by North Bengal Postal Circle of India Post for promoting philately in North Bengal. During ‘Depex-2014’ district level philatelic exhibition held at Darjeeling the Life Time Achievement Award’ was conferred to Shri Dipok Dey but he could not attend the function held on 30th November 2014 at Darjeeling as he was attending Assampex-2014, state level philatelic exhibition held at Guwahati as a member of Jury. On 28th February 2015, Shri Suvash Darnal, Superintendent of Post Offices, Darjeeling Division presented the award to Shri Dipok Dey at his residence in Kolkata.


We, the philatelists are proud of Shri  Dipok Dey and wish him a long life to continue his services to philately. Thanks to North Bengal Postal Circle of India Post for recognizing the philatelic services of Shri Dey and giving this honour to him. I am sure other Postal Circles of India Post will come forward and give recognition to the deserving persons, working for the promotion of philately. I am pleased to share here a Post on Shri Dipok Dey published  about 3 years back.

The Day of Dipok Dey




Kolpex-2015, District Level Philatelic Exhibition to be held at Newtown, Kolkata from 11th to 13th March 2015

Kolpex-2015, District Level Philatelic Exhibition will be held from 11th to 13th March 2015 at Nazrul Tirtha Kendra, Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata.

During the exhibition two special covers, one on "Howrah Bridge" and another on "Core Banking Solution” will be released on 11th March and 13th March respectively. Philatelic quiz, drawing competition and a power-point presentation on philately has also been organised during this three day exhibition.

Philatelists are requested to attend the said exhibition to make the event a grand success. For participation and more information Contact: Philatelic Bureau, Kolkata GPO.

Press Clipping


- Garhwal; Post : 2 March 2014

Flower Show and Romance with Stamps

image - Abhai Mishra

The heading of this article may seem a bit peculiar. What flower show has to do with stamps? At least everyone will agree that both flowers and stamps are beautiful, one is God’s creativity while the other is Men’s. I still crisply remember the early spring of 2003. Sh. Sudarshan Agarwal took over as the Governor of Uttaranchal on 08-01-2003 and Mrs. Madhu Narayanan was the Chief Post Master General at that time. There was one thing which was common in both of them, their love for stamps. The idea of having a flower show (spring festival) was mooted in Jan 2003 and it was decided that the Raj Bhawan, Dehradun will host the first flower show from 15-16 March 2003. The Governor himself being a philatelist wished to have a special cover on the occasion. The first special cover on the flower show was issued on 15-Mar-2003 on the theme of Brahm Kamal (Saussurea obvallata). During the release it was discussed to have a stamp exhibition in coming future at Dehradun. Mrs. Narayanan sprang into action and the ball got rolling. Rajesh Varma and I were more than happy to be a part of the organizing committee. On 06-Apr-2003, a painting competition was organized at Raj Bhawan for children. Again a special cover was released and the stamp exhibition named “DOONTOPEX” was formally launched by the Governor to happen on 18-20 July 2003 at SJA, Dehradun. The name “DOONTOPEX” was re-used, as in 1978; a stamp exhibition was organized at Dehradun from 15-18 January 1978 with the same name.

As philatelist’s we were very happy to have a philatelist as Governor. In 2004, during the flower show, special cover on “Orchid” (Aerides odorantum) was released. During the release function the Governor expressed his wish to have a stamp exhibition at Nainital and generously offered the Raj Bhawan, Nainital as the venue. It was something unexpected, a stamp exhibition at Raj Bhawan !! The then CPMG Mrs. Suneeta Trivedi immediately dispatched myself and Rajesh to Nainital for the ground work. We carried scores of stamp workshops in different schools and motivated the children to prepare stamp exhibits. The exhibition was held from 18-20 June 2004 at Raj Bhawan with the Governor as host. There were more than 150 exhibits from the children of Nainital. Special covers on Naini Lake, Raj Bhawan and Aries observatory were released during the exhibition. The north end of the Naini lake is called Mallital, where Naina Devi temple is situated while the southern end is called Tallital which has a bridge having Gandhiji’s statue and Post office on its side. Very few know that it is the only post office of its kind in the world which is located on a lake bridge.

During the spring festival of 2006 and 2007 special covers were released on Bonsai and Cobra Lily. Uttarakhand has the rare distinction of having three honorable winners in the World Bonsai Contest – 2005 organized by “World Bonsai Friendship Federation” at Japan. The prize winning bonsai were depicted in the special cover of 2006. In October 2007 Sh. Sudarshan Agarwal handed over the charge of Governor to Sh. BL Joshi. But the tradition has been started and the legacy was firmly in place. The romance of flower show with stamps was in full bloom. On 08-Mar-2008 special cover on Valley of Flowers, featuring ‘Morina longifolia’ was released during the spring festival. In 2008, the then CPMG Sh. Vivek Kaul requested us to write a book on Uttarakhand stamps. The book titled “Uttarakhand-A Philatelic Journey” written by me and Rajesh Varma, published by the Department of Posts, was released by the Governor during the 2009 flower show. Continuously, since then special covers are being released featuring different flowers during the spring festival at Raj Bhawan.

Year 2015 was again special for the stamp lovers. Again an ardent philatelist, Dr. KK Paul took over as the Governor of Uttarakhand on 08-Jan-2015. The legacy was again re-lived. On 28 Feb 2015, during the flower show, a stamp exhibition was organized in the corridors of historical old circuit house. The present CPMG Sh. Uday Krishna, left no stone unturned to make it a grand success. The exhibition is unique in many senses. It displayed the stamp collection of Dr. KK Paul along with other prominent philatelist and children of Dehradun. It is for the first time that a stamp exhibition was organized at Raj Bhawan, Dehradun. The corridor of the old circuit house had been mute witness to the visit of many historical personalities. This time it has STAMPS as the visitor.

The stamp lovers of Dehradun will always cherish the philatelic association with Raj Bhawan. I personally hope, that the romance of stamps with flower show will bloom to a greater height in the years to come.

- Abhai Mishra : email : abhai_mishra@rediffmail.com

03 March 2015

International Day of Happiness



Date of Issue :10 March 2015


The International Day of Happiness, established by the United Nations General Assembly on the 12th of July 2012, is celebrated on the 20th of March. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that the world needs a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible, together they define gross global happiness

Republic of San Marino celebrates the International Day of Happiness with a philatelic set designed by Mirella Musri, an illustrator, an artist and a teacher from Argentina. The issue has been already designed and is to be put into circulation on the 10th of March.

The two stamps show four children from different ethnic groups playing together: they run on the earth (€ 0.95 value) and they ride a stylized swallow with Mount Titano in the background (€ 2.30 value).

Europa 2015 Stamps from San Marino


San Marino Post is ready to release a special stamp issue for Post Europ stamp competition. The philatelic release consists of two items that will be put into circulation on the 10th of March.

PostEurop, organization who meets every two years to decide the themes of the philatelic issues of its member States dedicated to Europa, chose “old toys” for the year 2015. The 0.80€ value depicts a rocking horse, a toy that ties the present of the children with the past of the adults. The first rocking horse dates back to 1610 and it is kept by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The 0.95€ value shows a toy car, a typical game that connects present and past generations. The designer Gabriella Giandelli is also a comic-strip artist, a scriptwriter, a director and a children’s book illustrator. She created the character “little rabbit Milo” for the Mondadori’s children collections which also became a cartoon for the Rai network.

New Special Cover from Mumbai



Special Cover on Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Rajasthani Mahila Mandal, Mumbai released on 1st March 2015.

Rajasthani Mahila Mandal is a nonprofit NGO working for the upliftment of underprivileged women and children, initially started as a ladies wing of ‘Marwadi Sammelan’. Mandal provided livelihood to women of weaker section by giving them odd jobs and also running a Hindi medium primary school with just 56 students at Thakurdwar, Mumbai. A free homeopathic dispensary also functioned from the same premises. In 1965 the ‘Mandal’ became an independent organisation. Today Rajasthani Mahila Mandal is actively involved in various activities in social fields and causes like Education, Vocational, Medical, Cultural and National Calamities.


To commemorate Diamond Jubilee of Rajasthani Mahila Mandal as Special Cover was released at the Grand Anand Mela held at Parsi Gymkhana Marine Drive, Mumbai on 1st March 2015. Special Cover was jointly released by Shri H. C. Patel Senior Superintendent of Post, South city Division, Mumbai, Smt. Damyanti Pittie, Trustee Rajasthani Mahila Mandal, Shri Dhirubhai Mehta, President Philatelic Society of India, Smt. Vandana Saraf, President RMM, Smt. Lata Rungta, Secretary RMM, Smt. Uma Sekhsaria Treasurer, RMM. Special Cover and cancellation is designed by Shri Kapil Gogri who was felicitated on the occasion.

 image Indian Philately Digest



- Sudhir Jain.


India Post has suspended it's Regd. Post and speed Post services for Pakistan. All the Post Offices of India have been instructed not to book any article fro Pakistan till further instructions. According to the news released, it has been suspended because of security reasons. India  Post is sending only ordinary post to Pakistan that to after strict checking,

02 March 2015

Special stamp on International Year of Light



Date of Issue : 2 March 2015

Here is a unique stamp with special effects to be released by Liechtenstein Post today. This special  stamp, being  released on the 2nd of March is to celebrate the International Year of the Light.

Sunlight is the foundation of life for humans, animals and plants. Light in general is also a key subject of science and culture. The United Nations proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light: 1000 years ago it was proven for the first time that light sources emit light rays, exactly 200 years ago the wave character of light was discovered and the quantum theory of light is 110 years old.

Experimenting with light arouses scientific curiosity. The special stamp “Play of Light” (value: CHF 1.90) permits the observer to conduct three experiments relating to the anniversaries mentioned. The background of the stamp glows in the dark owing to its fluorescent colour. It turns into a source of light if it was exposed to sunlight beforehand.

The wave theory can be observed if the stamp is held up to a source of light. The micro-perforations in the paper become easily visible as the light waves are diffracted through the small openings. For the experiment on quantum theory, the light pink colour behind the ball was printed with a special colour. When irradiated with UV light, the colour turns from pink to violet.

Europa 2015 stamps from Liechtenstein


image image

Date of Issue : 2 March 2015

Another set of stamps to be released on 2nd March features Europa 2015 . Toys are the theme of this year’s Europe stamps issued by the member states of the trade association representing European public postal operators, PostEurop. The Liechtenstein issue comprises two special stamps showing figurines produced in Liechtenstein in the 1940s, a “Polar Bear” (value: CHF 1.40) and a “Goat” (value: CHF 1.40).

The artistic realisation focuses on the actual purpose of the figurines – playing – so the pictures look like snapshots of childlike playing scenes: The polar bear is enjoying the climate in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator and the goat is proudly climbing a lemon. The toy factory in Schaan at that time made nativity figurines and other animal figures for several years. A kind of modelling material was developed in advance on the basis of kieselguhr in protracted tests. This was pressed into metal moulds and painted by hand after hardening. The figurines found a ready market worldwide. In 1949, one of the company’s founders left the company. Under the name Spiwa, his partner merged with another company in the business and continued to make toys for some years afterwards.

28 February 2015

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News March 2015


Hi !

I have just published March 2015 issue of Rainbow Stamp News on blog. It is available on following links.


http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/   (Indian Readers)

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.com/   (Overseas Readers)


New Special Covers

Bhartiya Sanskriti Utsav and Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math - 24th January 2015


Centenary celebrations of Swami Satchidananda  - 22nd December 2014


25 years of Mysore City Police Commissionerate : 10th January 2015


Golden Jubilee Celebration NEPE Sangli Vibhag Tapal Karmachari C-Op PAt Sanstha Ltd. Sangli :11 January 2015


[image%255B29%255D.png]Ankit Agrawal – Pune; Indian Philatelists’ Forum


New Special Cover from Dehradun




Spring Festival – 2015

Stamp Exhibition, Raj Bhawan, Dehradun


Spring Festival (Basantotsav) – 2015 was inaugurated at Raj Bhawan, Dehradun on 28 Feb 2015 by H.E. Dr. KK Paul, Governor of Uttarakhand with great grandeur. A special cover (UK/01/2015) on Shankhpushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides) was released by the Governor on this occasion.

The first album was presented to the Governor by Sh. Uday Krishna, CPMG, Uttarakhand. In his address CPMG highlighted the medicinal value of the Shankhpushpi and elaborated on the close relationship of Department of Posts, Uttarakhand with Raj Bhawan by virtue of release of special covers during the Spring Festival. Shankhpushpi is a perennial medicinal herb of family convolvulaceae commonly found on rocky or sandy ground under dry climatic conditions. Its Sanskrit name is ‘Mangalya Kusum’. The flowers are blue in colour. In ayurveda, Shankhpushpi is used as Medhya (brain) tonic. It has also cardio-protective properties. The main ayurvedic formulations of Shankhpushpi are Panaka and Medhya Kashay.




On this occasion a stamp exhibition was also inaugurated by the Governor in the Raj Bhawan premises. The Governor himself is a keen philatelist and his stamp collection was also put on display for the general public. The exhibition was housed in the old circuit house, which has been witness to dignitaries like Pt. Nehru, etc. There were around 30 frames put on display and consisted of collection of prominent philatelist and children of Dehradun. 5 frames also housed numismatic collection. The exhibition will be open to general public till 01-March-2015.

image image

- Abhai Mishra - Dehradun

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