23 July 2017

200 Years of Kaleidoscope

Date of Issue : 10 July 2017

Here is a beautiful miniature sheet issued by Jersey Post featuring 200 Years of Kaleiodoscope. The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster, and the patent was granted in 1817. Whereas the instruments themselves have become simplified and mass-produced in modern times, fascination remains constant some 200 years on. Six stamps feature intricate, symmetrically designed illustrations, in homage to the curious beauty of kaleidoscope patterns that have captivated people for 200 years. Each of the designs is based on a different theme, using Jersey’s abundance of flora and fauna as their subject.

An inscription on each stamp provides a clue as to what is shown. For example, the 49-penny stamp is inscribed “shells & anemones.”
The other stamps are inscribed: “feathers & eggs,” 63p; “wildflowers,” 73p; “woodlands,” 79p; “minibeasts” (insects and a spider), 90p; and “marine life,” £1.07.
Brewster (1781-1868), a Scottish physicist, actually invented the kaleidoscope in 1816. The 200th anniversary refers to the year it was patented, 1817.

22 July 2017

Protect Pollinators....

Date of Issue : 3 August 2017

Here is a pane of beautiful stamps for Lovers of flowers and  butterflies. On August 3, 2017, in Richmond, VA, the U.S. Postal Service® will issue the Protect Pollinators stamps (Forever® priced at 49 cents), in five designs, in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps (Item 475200). The Protect Pollinators $9.80 pane of 20 stamps may not be split, and the stamps may not be sold individually. The stamps will go on sale nationwide August 3, 2017.

The U.S. Postal Service pays tribute to the beauty and importance of pollinators with stamps depicting two of  continent’s most iconic: the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) and the western honeybee (Apis mellifera), each shown industriously pollinating a variety of plants native to North America.

The stamps feature:
1. A monarch and a coneflower
(photo by Karen Mayford);
2. A western honeybee and a golden ragwort
(photo by George D. Lepp);
3. A monarch and a zinnia
(photo by Bonnie Sue Rauch);
4. A western honeybee and a New England aster
(photo by Michael Durham); and
5. A monarch and goldenrod
(photo by Justin Fowler).

Source : USPS

20 July 2017

70th Anniversary of Lambretta

 Date of Issue : 3 June 2017

Here is a beautiful stamp issued by Italy Post featuring Lambtretta Scooter. This scooter was also once very popular in India The stamp has been issued to commemorate 70th anniversary of Lambretta Scoter. The stamp features  a poster advertising the Lambretta fifties, created by illustrator and poster designer Italian Franco Mosca, kept at the Lambretta Scooter Museum, Rodano (Milan). 

Lambretta is the brand name of a line of motor scooters initially manufactured in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti. The name is derived from the word Lambrate, the suburb of Milan named after the river which flows through the area, and where the factory was located. Lambretta was the name of a mythical water-sprite associated with the river which runs adjacent to the former production site.

19 July 2017

New Special Covers...

Goods and Services Tax - 1 July 2017

Leader K. Karunakaran Birth Centenary  - 7 July 2017 Kozhikode

International Yoga Day - 21 June 2017 Chennai

World Red Cross Day - 8 May 2017

Sreejesh Krishnan - Trivandrum

16 July 2017

Karphilex-2017 Exclusive Special Covers

Postal administrations of Botswana,Namibia and Vietnam released Special covers to mark their presence at Karphilex-2017.

This may be the first time when  a foreign postal administration  released  special covers at a philatelic event in India.

New Special Cover -KTK/59/2017 - Raksha Bandhan 

Karnataka Postal Circle released the special cover at Karphilex 2017 venue.Interesting to note that the cancellation does not have the Date mentioned.

- Suresh Rao, Bangalore

14 July 2017

Special covers at Karphilex - 2017 , Bangalore

Two new special covers released during Inauguration of Karphilex 2017, today at Bengaluru

1. Learn Kannada Speak Kannada

2. Karnataka's Sporting Legends

1. Kannada is one of the ancient languages of India. It is a prominent Dravidian language. In 2008 the Government of India awarded Kannada, the status of classical language. Kannada is a verbal language of 49 letters that are divided into vowels, consonants and yogavahas (neither vowel nor consonant). Kannada letters and digits originate from the Brahmi script of Ashoka period. The phases in evolution of Kannada script can be observed from the period of Badami Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Kalyani Chalakyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar Empire until the period of Mysore kings. Until recently Halmidi inscription (450-500 AD) was considered as the oldest inscription of Kannada, but recently the Archaeological Survey of India has found an inscription older than Halmidi at Talugunda, near Shiralakoppa in Shikaripura taluk of Shimoga District, Karnataka dating back to 370-450AD. After a number of studies, the Department has declared these findings as the earliest Kannada inscription. These new findings have further enhanced the eminence of Kannada.

2. Karnataka's Sporting Legends

Prakash Padukone

He won his first national senior championship in 1971 as a 16 year old become youngest player to achieve this feat. Thereafter he set a record of nine national titles in a row. He achieved his first major international title in 1978 when he won the men’s singles gold medal at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada. In 1980 he went on to win both the Danish Open and the Swedish Open. His biggest career achievement happened in 1980 when he won the men's singles title at the All England Championship. He won the first Alba World Cup in October 1981 at Kuala Lumpur. In the Hong Kong Open. After an illustrious playing career he retired in 1991.

Anil Kumble

No bowler in history won India more Test matches than Anil Kumble. He played 132 Test matches for India collecting 619 wickets. He also played 271 ODls taking 337 wickets, in the process becoming the highest wicket taker for India in both formats. After having played for 18 years, he announced his retirement from international cricket in November 2008. He holds the World Record for getting all 10 wickets in a single innings of a Test match against Pakistan at Ferozshah Kotla Delhi in 1999 (10 wkts for 74 runs). He is only the second one in history to do this after Jim Laker. He also has captained the Indian Cricket team and also served as the Head Coach. He was awarded theArjuna award in 1995 and the Padmashri in 2005.

Pankaj Advani

At the tender age of 18, Pankaj won his first World Title. He is the only person in history to have won both the billiards and snooker IBSF World Titles as well as the World Professional Billiards Championship. He was the first person ever to win a "Grand Double" (both the points and time formats in the same year) in 2005. Pankaj repeated the same feat at the 2008 World Championships. In 2014 he created a world record by winning the Grand Double for the third time. A gist of his achievements: World Billiards Champion (Points Format) 4 times, World Billiards Champion (Time Format) 7 Times, IBSF World Snooker Champion Twice, IBSF World Six-Red Snooker Champion Twice. He is also 26 time Asian Billiards Champion, and won 29 Junior and Senior National titles. He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2004, the Rajiv GandhiAward in 2004, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2006 and the Padmashri in 2009.

- Suresh Rao, Bangalore

New Thermochromic stamps - Alderney Coastal Eclipses

Date of Issue : 19 July 2017

To mark the next total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017, when all of North America will be fortunate enough to witness an eclipse of the Sun. Here is a set of stamps  to be issued by Guernsey Post Alderney on 19th July 2017 which depicts six coastal locations that will be treated to a partial eclipse, including Alderney. These specially produced heat sensitive stamps reveal information and full eclipses upon coming into contact with warm hands.

12 July 2017

Spanish Sign language

Date of Issue : 16 June 2017

Spanish Post issued a stamp on 16 June 2017 to commemorate National Day of Spanish language. Civic Values ​​are fundamental for coexistence in a society, they are a series of principles that every citizen must comply, respect and share. Correos has been dedicating stamps to values ​​such as solidarity, diversity or creativity, reflected in these issues.

On this occasion, the protagonist is the National Day of Spanish sign languages. For this, a stamp is issued. The stamp sheet includes a series of words written in sign language: "share", "right", "participate", "signar", "communicate" and "equality".The stamp shows an image with the word "thank you".

On June 14, 1936, the CNSE, the State Confederation of the Deaf, was set up with the aim of promoting initiatives aimed at fighting for the rights of people who use Spanish sign language and also Catalan.Many years later, finally, it has been achieved that same day to be declared National Day of Languages ​​of Spanish Sign languages, which allows to take a step towards the normalization, promotion and protection of the same.

The more these languages ​​are known, the greater will be the knowledge about deaf and deaf blind people and thus be able to draw society's attention to that group. Sign languages ​​are a creative response of people to this sensory limitation.They have a visual, spatial, gestural and manual character. They respond to the characteristic pattern of human language with its own visual grammar.

There are different languages ​​of signs in the world, even countries that share the same spoken language, have different languages ​​signed.At present, the Spanish and Catalan sign language coexist in Spain and have gone from being used in the purely domestic sphere to a situation like the present, in which it is used in all social contexts and contexts.

11 July 2017

Say No to Tobacco...

New Special Cover from Bangalore

Say No To Tobacco

A Special Postal cover on the theme of 'Say No to Tobacco' was released by Shri Rajendra Kumar, Postmaster General, South Karnataka Region at Bengaluru GPO today afternoon. Dr.P.L.Nataraj, Director, Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Karnataka was the Chief Guest. Dr.Prabhakar, Joint Director (Medical), Dr.Saroja, Project Director, Dr.Sevaraj, Dy.Director were among the dignitaries.

- Suresh.R ,Bengaluru

Philatelic Exhibition at Bangalore - 14th to 16th July 2017

Karnataka Philatelic Society is organizing a philatelic exhibition at Bangalore from 14th July 2017 to 16th July 2017 with the support of Karnataka Postal Circle to promote the hobby of stamps collecting – PHILATELY and give an opportunity for the philatelists to showcase their collections.
Venue: Sri Raja Rajeshwari Kalyana Mantap, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Near Navrang Theatre, Rajajinagar, 

Bangalore 560 010

Dates: 14th to 16th July 2017.
Contact for more information: KARPHILEX 2017 C/o Muthu & Co, No 53 (Room 5 & 6), Palace Guttahalli Main Road, Malleswaram, Bengaluru - 560 003. Phone +918904003936.

10 July 2017

Philippine Sunsets...

Date of Issue : 8 May 2017

Here is a beautiful set of stamps with a miniature sheet issued by Philippine Post. In celebration of the National Heritage Month  May, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) featured Philippine sunsets in special stamps.The designs, in iconic places, were contributed by the FUNtastic Philippines.


08 July 2017

Dutch Treats...

Date of Issue : 19 June 2017

Here is  a beautiful set from Netherlands Post featuring Dutch delicacies. If you visit Netherlands don't miss these lovely delicacies !  On the stamp sheetlet 'Dutch treats "the following typical Dutch treats are shown: 

Bossche bulb, Limburg flan, Drents Krumkake, Frisian sugar, Zwolle balls, Gouda stroopwafel, Zeeland bolus, Groningen eierbal, Amsterdam onion and Tielse fairground cake. 

On the stamp sheetlet 'Dutch treats "the following typical Dutch treats are shown: 

Bossche bulb, Limburg flan, Drents Krumkake, Frisian sugar, Zwolle balls, Gouda stroopwafel, Zeeland bolus, Groningen eierbal, Amsterdam onion and Tielse fairground cake. 

Most foods are also outside the area of ​​origin for sale, but some do not. So Zwolle balls are available in the city of origin. The ten treats are chosen in consultation with the Knowledge Intangible Heritage Netherlands in Utrecht. The ten treats with full-screen color photos appear Dutch delicacies on the stamp. Each delicacy is held in the picture with one or two hands, in most cases combined with a dish, plate, bowl, cloth, box or jar. The person behind it is visible, but not pictured recognizable. All pictures run through the tabs above and below the stamps. Each delicacy is depicted in the center of the picture and each stamp has been given his own background color. On the tabs in addition to the postage stamps is a brief description.The stamps itself is listed right below the name of the delicacy.

06 July 2017

Independence Day 2017 Photography Competition by India Post

Beautiful India -  Photography Competition by India Post

Photography Competition on the occasion of Independence Day-2017 by India Post For details view following link :


Terms and Conditions to participate in Photography 


1. Entries are invited for the Photography Competition on the occasion of Independence Day 2017. The theme of the competition is ‘Beautiful India’. The participants are to take original snap on the subject (should not be copy of picture snapped by someone else). 

2. Any citizen of India of age group 18 years or more can participate in this contest. Participants can send only one snapped photograph on the subject. The photograph submitted should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors. 

3. Participants can use only photographed paper of A4 size. 

4. The following particulars should be written legibly on the reverse of the design: 1. Name of the participant* 2. Age (18 years or more)* 3. Gender 4. Nationality* 

5. Full and complete residential address with Pin Code* 

6. Phone/Mobile Number* 

7. E-mail ID (if available) * The fields are mandatory. 

5. An undertaking stating that ‘The photograph submitted is original and no copyright issues are involved’ should be sent along with the entry. In case of any legal dispute related to copyright issue, Department of Posts will not be liable for the same. 

6. The photograph along with the soft copy of image in a CD should be sent through “Speed Post” in A4 size envelope. The entries may also be emailed at philatelycompetition@gmail.com. The participants should mention “Photography Competition - Independence Day 2017” on the envelope in which the photograph is sent. 

7. The prize winning designs will be considered for use on stamps and other philatelic material. The prize money will be as follows:-  First prize 10,000  Second prize 6,000  Third prize 4,000 

8. The entries should not be of provocative or objectionable nature. It should not be aimed at ridiculing or hurting the sentiments of any sections of the societies. The entries shall not give rise to any discoid, disharmony and will not have any graphic content of unpleasant or objectionable nature. 

9. The entries should reach on the following address by 25.07.2017. The entries received after last date of receipt will not be entertained. To, ADG (Philately) Room No. 108 B, Dak Bhawan Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001

All India Letter Writing Competition by India Post

For More Details view following link :

05 July 2017

BIRDPEX 8 - Specialized Philatelic Exhibition on Ornithology

Birdpex 8  (19-21 May 2018, Mondorf-les-Bains )

A specialized philatelic exhibition Birdpex 8 with International particpation will be held from 19-21 May 2018 in Mondorf-les- Bains, Luxembourg.

New stationery(postcard) on Butterfly from Czech Republic

Czech Republic Post issued a  postcard is featuring  a swallowtail (Papilion machaon).

New postmark on bird and Special cover from Germany

On   August 13 2017, a new pictorial postmark in 06502 THALE together with a Special cover will be available The postmark and the Special cover are featuring a dipper (Cinclus cinclus). It honors the 80th Anniversary of Foundation Nature Reserve Valley of the river Bode.

By Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philartelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie.

02 July 2017

New special Cover

135 years Birth Anniversary of Shantalingappa Patil Nimbal : 12 June 2017

Shantalingappa Patil Nimbal is the first artist of Hyderabad Karnataka region to complete his education at Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai. He is well known for his Portrait Paintings. His Paintings can be found in the old Hyderabad region, especially in Bidar, Raichur & Kalaburagi. His 135th Birth Anniversary is being celebrated in 2017.
Cover Photo: A Painting of Artist Shantalingappa Patil Nimbal

- Suresh R. Bangalore

30 June 2017

Club News

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to release July 2017 issue of Rainbow Stamp News . It is available on following links :

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/    ( Indian Readers)

New Stamp from India

Date of Issue : 29 June 2017

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi released stamp and coins on Jain personality Shrimad Rajchandra Ji yesterday at Ahmedabad.

- Sudhir Jain, Satna (MP)

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