19 September 2017

New Stamps from India - Vulnerable Birds

Vulnerable Birds

Date of Issue : 18 September 2017 

India Post issued a set of 3 Stamps and a MS on Vulnerable Birds on September 18, 2017. The stamps feature Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Nilgiri Pipat and Broad Tailed Grass Warbler .

Image source : Stamps of India

18 September 2017

Multilaterale Hertogpost 2017

What is the “Multilaterale”?

The Multilaterale is an initiative that came from the Philatelist Associations of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg) as well of Slovenia and the Netherlands. The 2017 Multilaterale in s’Hertogenbosch.

This year, the Dutch Philatelist Association and the Dutch Post Office  organised the exhibition from the 25th to 27th of August in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Because Luxembourg will be organising the next exhibition in 2019, PostNL and POST Luxembourg will issue for this matter a joint postage stamp block for 2017.

Club News

The 42nd AGM meeting of the members of Karnataka Philatelic Society held today was attended by 88 members,concluded successfully by electing the new team.

Karnataka Philatelic Society new Governing Council Members

President & Acting Treasurer - Chaitanya Dev
Vice President - Nikhilesh Melkote
Gen. Secretary - Naveein OC

Council Member - Girish Kumar
Council Members - Shonet Saldhana

A Book " Indian Stamps featuring personages from Abroad" by Philatelist MR.D.B Ramakrishna was released by former KPS President Mr. Mahesh Jambuligam along with Dr. Sita Bateja and Mr. Chaitanya Dev and the Author D.B Ramakrishna after the AGM.

- Suresh Rao , Bangalore

14 September 2017

My Recent Covers....

Received these covers from Russia so kindly sent by EN Limanski . Thank you so much Limanski !

INPEX 2017 , National Philatelic Exhibition, Mumbai 30 Nov-4 Dec 2017

INPEX - 2017



The National Philatelic Exhibition, INPEX 2017 will be held at the World Trade Centre,
(Expo Center), Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-400 005 from 30th November to 4thDecember, 2017.
The exhibition is being held by The Philatelic Society of Indiain association with the
Department of Post and the patronage of PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF INDIA, the
apex body of Philately in India and other Philatelic Societies to celebrate 120 years of the
Philatelic Society of India.

It will provide an opportunity for philatelists residing in India to enter their outstanding
philatelic collections in the Competitive Class.
This exhibition will also consist of INVITEE class. In the Invitee section collections of
eminent individuals and national institutions will be exhibited. The Competitive section will
include a Championship Class and will be open only to those collections which have won at
least a Gold Medal in previous National or International World Philatelic Exhibition.


We propose to bring a multi-colour Souvenir for this exhibition, which will contain articles
on Philately by reputed philatelist. It will also contain advertisements of philatelic dealers,
business houses etc. A separate advertisement tariff card will be issued and can be obtained
from the Secretary, Inpex 2017, C/o Director GPO (Philately), G.P.O., Mumbai-400 001, and
on our website www.psil897.com. A list of participants will also be included in the Souvenir.


Special covers will be released every day at the exhibition and the Department of Post will
provide special cancellation on each day of the exhibition depicting different themes.


About 95 Dealers' Booths will be provided at the venue to dealers for dealing in philatelic
and other Collectible items. Dealers from all over the country may apply to the Secretary,
Inpex 2017, for allotment of booths.
Various types of Booths are planned. Regular stalls are of 4 sq. mtr. wherein two tables and
two chairs will be provide. Visit the web site 'www.psi1897.com' for full details and plans.


5.1. INPEX 2017 will be governed by India Post and the F.I.P. General Regulations
(GREX), F.I.P.General Regulation of Competitive Exhibits (GREV); F.I.P Special
Regulation of Competitive Exhibits(GREV) and Special Regulation of 'INPEX 2017.


5.2.1. Participation in INPEX 2017 is open to all philatelists having a permanent
addressin India. Exhibitor should be a member of Philatelic Congress of the
India or its affiliated societies
5.2.2. CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS: Only collections which have won Gold Medal in
last 5 years in any National, or, Large Gold or Gold in any International
Exhibition or World Exhibition can enter in the CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS. An
exhibit that has participated once in Championship Class cannot be exhibited
again at the same level.

5.2.3. COMPETITIVE CLASS: Collections which have received any of the
following awards are eligible for the Competitive Class:
1. A Bronze medal in any International or World Exhibition
2. A Sliver Bronze medal in a national Exhibition
3. A Silver medal in a Circle/State Level exhibition held by the Department
of Post or held under the patronage of the Philatelic Congress of India
4. The highest medal received in an exhibition held or recognized by the
Department of Post/Philatelic Congress of India with a minimum of 100

5.2.4. NEW ENTRANTS: Applications for deserving philatelic collectors can be
accepted from those states where no State Level exhibition has been held for the
last three years.

Such applications should he recommended by a member of the Organizing
Committee of INPEX 2017 Or President of the association in their state
affiliated to the Philatelic Congress of India.

The application made in the prescribed form should be accompanied with a
photocopy of the title page and recommendation mentioned above

5.2.5. SCHOOL COLLECTIONS: There will be a section for School Collections
in which collections developed by its students collectively shall be displayed in
the name of the school. Maximum allotment in this category is 4 frames.

5.2.6. The entire Exhibit must be the bonafide property of the Exhibitor and the
collection should have been owned by him for at least 2 years prior to 30th
November 2017. The signing of the entry form will be deemed to be an implied
declaration to this effect and the acceptance of all the Rules and Regulations and
any amendments made hereafter.

5.2.7. Each exhibit should be entered in its correct group and section. An exhibit
considered to be incorrectly entered is liable to be transferred to the correct
group and section.

5.2.8. All exhibits must be mounted on loose leaf Album/exhibit pages and enclosed
with transparent protective covers. Black or dark colour pages will not be

5.2.9. The organizers reserve the right to reject/remove any exhibit in whole or in
part without assigning any reason in which case the frame fee will be refunded.

5.2.10. An individual exhibitor will be permitted a maximum of 2 entries in any group

or sub-group. In case of a family, no more than 4 entries shall be permitted.

5.2.11. Exhibits in One Frame Class should be based on a narrow subject thatis best
treated as One Frame. An extract from a past International award winning
multiple frame exhibits (5 to 8 frames) to One Frame is not allowed.

5.2.12. For any exhibit to be eligible in Philatelic Literature class, it must be
published/issued on or after 01-01-2013

5.2.13. A youth participant may enter only one exhibit. All applications in the Youth
Class should be accompanied by Proof of date of birth.

5.2.14. Exhibits of eminent individuals, the Jury will be exhibited in the INVITEE
CLASS by invitation only.

6. FRAME SIZE:There will be a total number of about 800 frames. The frames will be
adequately secured, artificially lighted, avoiding direct sun light for protection of exhibit.
These frames will be 98 cms. wide and 129 cms. high and will held 16 standard size
album pages of 22 cms. X 29 cms.)or 8 pages of 44cms x 29 cms.


Administration, the National Philatelic Museum, Mumbai GPO Philatelic Museum,
Army Postal Services, India Security Press and other organizations. Outstanding
collections from individuals and collections of the members of the Jury will also be
exhibited by invitation only.

Class 1: National championship Class.
Class 2: Traditional Philately.

2A India Pre Independence.
2B Indian Princely States.
2C India since Independence.
2D Rest of the world,

Class 3: Postal History.

3A India Pre Adhesive Period.
3B India Pre-Independence.
3C Indian States
3D India since Independence
3E Rest of the world

Class 4: Postal Stationery.

4A India Pre-Independence
4B Indian States
4C India since Independenee;
4D Rest of the world

Class 5: Aerophilately/Astro philately

5A India
5B Rest of the world

Class 6: Thematic

6A Indian Themes.
6B Other themes.

Class 7: Maximaphilly
Class 8: Revenues

8A India
8B Indian States.
8C Rest of the world.

Class 9: First Day Covers.

Class 10: Open Class

10A Mophila (Stamps issued in the last 15 years),
10B Frugal Philately.
10C Social Philately.
10D One Frame exhibits.
10-E - Picture Postcards
10-F - Advertising
10-G - Patriotic Philately
10-H - Event Covers

Class 11: Philatelic Literature

11A Philatelic pamphlets, books and studies(published on or after 01-01-2013).
11B Philatelic Journals, periodicals, columns and articles.(The whole annual
volume should have been published on or after 01-01-2013)
11C Catalogues (published on or after 01-01-2013).

Class 12: Youth Class

12A Age between 11-14 (as on 29-11-2017)
12B Age between 15-18 (as on 29-11-2017)
Class 13: School Collections.


8.1. Exhibitors desirous of participating in the exhibition should apply online or in the
prescribed form in duplicate. The entry forms duly filled in and signed should reach
the Secretary, INPEX 2017, latest by 10th October 2017. Online applications should
be received by the Secretary, INPEX 2017 by 10th October 2017.

 An Introductory page and synopsis of the exhibit should be sent with each application. Such forms will be available with the Secretary, Inpex 2017, Philatelic Bureau G.P.O Mumbai-
400 001, or on our web site www.psi1897.com

8.2. Application for the Competitive Class must be for 5 frames or 8 frames (as
applicable). In the Youth Class application for 2 to 4 frames may be considered.
8.3. All exhibits must be accompanied by one photo copy of each album sheet duly
signedby the exhibitor for security purpose only.

8.4. Each exhibit must be accompanied by inventory of each album sheet in duplicate.
Inventory form will be supplied along with the allotment letter or can he down
loaded from the web site www.psi1897.com

8.5. Exhibitorwho has already received Large Vermeil or Gold in past National
Exhibitionswill only be allotted 8 frames.

8.6. Exhibitors must have been owners of their exhibit for a minimum of two years prior
to the date of exhibiting.


Art works, essays, proofs, colour trials, progressives, imprimaturs and other
materials generated during the course of designing and production of India postage
stamps, postal stationery, etc. printed in India after independence, any Indian items
not officially issued and/or pre-released after independence are banned from being

exhibited as an entry or part of an exhibit. 

Any Item, which does not show the correct International Boundaries of India,
and/or which offends the religious, ethnic, national integrity or environmental
sentiments will not be allowed to be displayed. Exhibitors should ensure that no
exhibit includes any such material.


10.1. The entries accepted and the number of frames allotted will be notified to the
participants by 27-10-2017.
10.2. The number of frames allotted may be increased or decreased at the discretion
of the Allotment Committee without assigning any reason.
10.3. The names and addresses of the exhibitors should be written in CAPITAL
LETTERS atthe back of each album sheet which shall be numbered on the right top


11.1. No charge will have to be paid for exhibitors in the Invitee Class, YouthClass
Or School Collections
11.2. The participation fee in the Competitive Class is Rs.1500+ 18% GST per
frame and inChampionship Class Rs.3000+ 18% GST per frame
11.3. On receipt of the Allotment Letter the participation fees, should be paid in full
by DD orPay Order only, drawn in favour of “THE PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF
INDIA”, payable at Mumbai and sent by Registered Post or confirmed delivery to
The Secretary Inpex 2017, C/o Director GPO (Philately), G.P.O. Mumbai-400 001,
on or before 14 November 2017, along with application form. No cheques or cash
deposits will be accepted
11.4. Those who have applied online and received the Allotment Letter by post or
email should send the Exhibit Application Form duly signed along with the
Introduction Page and the participation fees as mentioned above.
11.5. No refund will be made for absentee exhibits. Furthermore the exhibitor may
be barred from future participation.
11.6. Late entries if any may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organizing


12.1. Each participant will be furnished with a set of Exhibit Covers for sending
exhibits(album pages), The participant is required to indicate the desired arrangement
of sheet on layout printed on the front of the cover. Every care will be taken to see
that the exhibit is mounted accordingly.

12.2. Exhibits if sent by Post must be forwarded through INSURED POST at
owner's risk. The organizers will not be responsible for any lack of statutory
compliance, on part of the participant, loss or damage during transit or otherwise.

12.3. All exhibits should reach The Secretary, INPEX2017 not before 21-11-2017
and not after 25-11-2017.

12.4. Exhibits will not be accepted at the venue under any circumstances.

12.5. The Organizers will be responsible for the mounting and dismounting all
exhibits. No exhibits will be removed during the exhibition. Exhibitors who so desire
can collect their exhibits in person after the close of the Exhibition only against the
Acknowledgement Receipt in original, which shall thereafter remain with the
Organizing Committee.

12.6. Exhibits will be returned as soon as possible after the close of Exhibition by
Registered Insured Parcel for Rs. 500/- only, free of charge, at the risk of the
exhibitor. If the exhibits are desired to be returned by any other mode, the participant
must indicate the same in writing and bear the cost thereof.

12.7. Local Exhibits should be collected personally after the close of the Exhibition
at the venue after 8 pm on closing day only against the Acknowledgement Receipt in
original, which shall thereafter remain with Organizing Committee.

12.8. Exhibits in the Literature Group (only printed book and not manuscripts) must
be submitted in duplicate. One Copy will be kept by the Philatelic Society of India in
its library. The other copy may be presented by the organizers to the Postal Museum
G.P.O., Mumbai or-to the Philatelic Congress of India or the Postal Archives at the
discretion of PSI. The items for competition in these groups shall have been
published on or after 1 January 2013 and classified under: (a) Books, pamphlets &
studies, (b) Philatelic Journals, Periodicals, (c) Catalogues. A periodical will consist
of a complete volume of the year: The mailing instructions will be sent out with the
acceptance of the entry. The literature exhibit must be in the hands of the Organizing
Committee by 30th October 2017 and shall not be returned.

13. INSURANCE AND SECURITY:Exhibitors are advised that in their own interest they
should make arrangements for individual insurance of their Exhibit. The Organizing
Committee will have adequate professional security round the clock at the venue for the
whole duration of the exhibition.

14.1. Though every possible care will be taken of the exhibits, no
liability/responsibility shall be attached either to the organizers of the Exhibition or
to the members of the Organizing Committee or its employees or Voluntary
Associates for any loss or damage to the exhibits arising from any cause or reason
14.2. For all disputes arising in respect of the exhibition, the decision of the
Organizing Committee shall be final and for all legal matters the Mumbai Courts will
have jurisdiction.


15.1. The Jury appointed by the Organizing Committee will elect its own office
bearers and set its own procedure. The jury as a group will have the privilege to
consult and take independent opinion. They shall have the power to withhold any
award when in their opinion an entry has not conformed to the Exhibition standard or
for any other reason. Furthermore, no member of the Jury or their family members
can participate in any Competitive Class.
15.2. The Jury will evaluate the exhibits as per the FIP rules and guidelines framed
for the evaluation of the exhibits in the Competitive class.
15.3. Mark sheet will be provided to the Competitors.
15.4. The Jury will present its report and list of awardees to the Organizing
Committee. The decision of the Jury in all classes will be final.
15.5. If in the opinion of the jury any collection does not appear to be the genuine
work of the exhibitor, the same may not be given in any award.
15.6. The Jury will award Gold, LargeVermeil, Vermeil, Large Silver, Silver, Silver
Bronze and Bronze Medals. In the Championship Class special awards will be given 
to “Champion of Champions” entry. Exhibits in the Invitee Class will also be
presented with special awards. A Best Exhibit award will be given in School
Collection section. A Certificate of Participation will be given to all the exhibitors.
15.7. Special prizes donated by Societies or individuals will be placed at the
disposal of the Jury to be awarded at their discretion. No nomination or preference
for such an award will be accepted from the donors. The value of any special prize
shall not be less than Rs 5,000/-

16. ACCOMMODATION: Visitors and participants from outside Mumbai shall arrange
their accommodation.

17.1. A philatelic booth of the Philatelic Bureau Mumbai GPO shall sell
Commemorative stamps, FDC'S Special Cover, INPEX2017 Souvenir and other
philatelic materials.
17.2. The booth of the Philatelic Society Of India shall sell its own publications,
specialcancelled covers and other philatelic items.
17.3. “My Stamp Booth” will be administered by the Department of Post, Mumbai.


18.1. The Organizers reserve the rights to add, alter or amend any of these rules,
anytimewithout any prior notice.
18.2. The decision of the Organizers on all questions concerning the Exhibition,
other than decisions of the Jury, shall be final.
18.3. In any matter arising from Jury decisions, the ruling by the Chairman of the
Jury shall be final and binding.
19. Signature of an exhibitor on the ExhibitorApplication Form shall be deemed as the
acceptance of these Special Regulations in their entirety by the exhibitor.

All Communications and Registered letters to be sent to:

Mrs. D. M. Pittie,
The Secretary, Inpex 2017,
C/o Director GPO (Philately)
G.P.O., Mumbai-400 001.


Dhirubhai Mehta,
Philatelic Society of India,
Mobile No: 09892786222
Email: nagindasmaneklal@gmail.com

Mrs. Damayanti M. Pittie,
Philatelic Society of India,
Mobile No: 09930367660

Email: purchasemumbai@harinagar.co.in

13 September 2017

Oak tree Stamp made from real oak wood

Date of Issue : 28 July 2017

Oak Tree

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Federal Forestry Office, which was taken out of the national budget and re-established as a joint stock company in 1997, Austrian Post has come up with something very unusual for a stamp: a stamp in the shape of an oak tree made from real oak wood.

Oaks (lat. Quercus) are easily recognised even by lay persons thanks to their characteristic lobed leaves and their fruits. In Austria the main native varieties are the common oak and the sessile oak. In the eastern regions of our country, oaks are widespread and play an important economic role. They can reach a height of up to 40 metres and live to an age of around 1,000 years.

The wood of the oak is one of the most valuable native woods for use as a veneer. Oak is also used for parquet flooring, doors, window frames, steps and furniture. It is also particularly important for the production of wooden barrels for high-quality barrique aged wines. Acorns, the fruit of the oak, have a high starch content and are an important food source for wild animals. Oak bark is also used in medicine.

The oak has a hard, uniform, dense wood, characteristics which are ideal for producing high-quality veneers since they prevent the wood from breaking easily. Its high strength and ease of processing, together with the uniform structure and colour of the wood, make oak a popular and trendy wood for furniture making.

All of the oak stamps were made from thin sheets of veneer from oak round wood. For this a single tree trunk was used, originating from the Austrian Federal Forestry Office’s territory in Breitenfurt in the Wienerwald. This noble oak was around 210 years old, 30 metres tall and had a diameter of 75 centimetres at chest height. It was harvested especially to make the stamps.

All of the remaining stages in the production of the first Austrian stamp made of wood were likewise undertaken by Austrian companies. The roundwood was processed by the Vienna based company rausgebrannt in collaboration with partner companies. rausgebrannt specialises in the implementation of unusual ideas and has already produced creative designs in a wide range of materials using the most up-to-date laser technology. Production of the wooden stamps was a technically challenging undertaking – wood is a living material which “works” and also changes according to the air humidity. The short drying time for the wood meant there was a risk of splitting or deformation, and the fact that the surface of the veneer is not entirely even because of the natural wood grain made full-surface printing difficult. The tree shape was punched out of the oak veneer by means of laser cutting and laser branding. For this an in-house developed process was used to ensure nice clean edges. As a result, each oak stamp is a unique item in the shape of an oak tree and with the special feel of the renewable raw material wood.

12 September 2017

India-Belarus Joint Issue

On September 12, 2017 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the  Republic of Belarus issued the postage stamp “Joint issue of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of India. 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations”.

The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of India were established on April 17, 1992.India is one of the important foreign policy partners of  Belarus. In recent years trade and economic cooperation between the two countries has been intensively developing.

The cooperation between Belarus and India in the fields of energy, engineering, information technology, the pharmaceutical and food industries looks promising. A sufficiently high level of development of Belarusian-Indian ties is observed in the scientific, technical, cultural and law-enforcement spheres, as well as in the sphere of education. The project was prepared in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of India. 

Face value H is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

Indian Issue 
India - Belarus Joint Issue

25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations 
between India and Belarus”

Date of Issue : 12 September 2017

New Postal stationery on wildlife

New  postcards on animals from Czech Republic

The Post of   Czech Republic issued two   new postcards featuring  animals .
One stationery is featuring a Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus)  and the second one is featuring a Yellow-throated marten(Martes flavigula).
Both species are found in India.

- Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie and Mr. Slavomil Strnad,Philatelic Club Jilemnice- Czech Republic


Senior Philatelist Hemant Bafna  is no more....

Shri Hemant Bafna President Jainism Philately Group, Pune Chapter died on 11th Sept. 2017 night at Pune. He was very senior Philatelist and organized many solo Philatelic Exhibitions at different places. Born on 4th april 1952, Mr. Bafna was Chartered accountant by profession. May The Noble Soul Rest In Eternal Peace In Heaven.

- Sudhir Jain

07 September 2017

New Special Cover - Taj Bavadi

Rejuvenation of tanks and wells in Vijayapura

Vijayaypura : 18 August 2017

Vijayapura (Bijapur) set an exemplary move for combating drought and achieving self-sufficiency in water utilization by rejuvenating traditional water resources and employing traditional water harvesting techniques.
Taj Bavadi is a heritage well built in 1620 by Ibrahim Adil Shah in memory of his queen Taj Sultana. Among such heritage wells, locally known as Bawadies, Taj Bavadi occupies first place with its size and grandeur. Such 20 heritage wells were rejuvenated with the aid of local donors, special grant from the Water Resource Ministry of Govt. of Karnataka through City Corporation.

-Suresh.R, Bengaluru

04 September 2017

Club News

Dear Readers,

I have just published September 2017 issue of Rainbow Stamp News . It is available on following links :


https://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/  (Indian Readers)

https://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.com/  (Overseas Readers)

Emojis on new Swiss stamps

Date of Issue : 7 September 2017

Modern communication is barely conceivable without them: the countless small images and icons peppering our SMSs and e-mails known as emojis. Swiss Post is forging a bridge between the digital and the physical world with two special stamps.

The term “emoji” (pronounced “ee-mo-gee”) comes from the Japanese words for “picture” and “character”. The name has doubt- less gained acceptance because of the associations it conjures up with “emotion”, a word that sounds similar in numerous European languages. These little pictures simplify communication, allowing us to quickly and clearly show whether we mean something to be serious, or maybe ironic.

Modern-day emojis hark back to Shigetaka Kurita’s designs in 1998, when he was commissioned by a Japanese mobile phone provider to create simple, single-colour icons. These days there are a large number of different emojis in the digital world. Apple, Google and Facebook all have their own versions which all differ in detail. emoji company GmbH owns the brand rights to emoji® and is responsible in particular for their use in analogue applications.

02 September 2017

Postmark on Peacock feather

New postmark on bird from Czech Republic

On October 6th 2017  a pictorial postmark  will be available in Jilemnice (Czech Republic).
The pictorial postmark is featuring a feather of a peacock.

- Wolfgang Beyer. Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe  Zoologie

Club News

Grand old philatelist of Dehradun is no more......

Very Sorry to inform the philatelists of Dehradun and all my philatelist friends that grand old philatelist of Dehradun and President of Doon Philatelic Club , Shri PC Agrawal passed away on 31st August 2017. He was a very enthusiast philatelist, despite his old age and poor health condition, he attended the meetings of the club and shared experiences of his long philatelic journey. He had a wonderful collection of FDCs and old letters from several countries. Our heartfelt condolences to all his family members . May god give them strength to bear this loss. We will always miss him....May his soul rest in peace....

Shri PC Agrawal with members of Doon Philatelic Club

Gunjan Maithel, Mrs Anita Maithel, , Shri PC Agrawal, Ajay Srivastav, Abhai Mishra, Rajesh Verma

Celebrating 100th Issue of Rainbow Stamp News

Interview with Shri PC Agrawal

1.      At the age of 85, you look so enthusiastic, energetic  and willing to do something or the other. Your life has been full of thrill, creativity, and adventure. Your brief opinion about your life?

Live the life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it as you can live once only .In fact, exploring and living the life as far as possible has been my mission since  my childhood. So, I believe how old you get it does not matter till you are young at heart. Creativity is one which gives immense satisfaction and enjoy . So, I tried my best throughout my life to learn more, to explore and to enjoy the life beside doing my duties honestly.

2.      It is seen that children are the one who easily get attracted to the beautiful and mesmerizing colors of the stamps. Tell us something about how you got in to the world of philately. Also tell about your philatelic interests.

In my case also I was attracted towards the beautiful stamps at the age of 14. One of my friends introduced me to his father who was a veteran philatelist who practically introduced me to the stamps and from here my journey to the world of stamps started. In 1947 a refugee laborer from Peshawar working at a house gave me 100 years old Indian stamps of the British era to boost my thirst for stamps. My philatelic interests are many such as Indian Stamps, Assorted stamps, Indian postal history covers, FDC’s etc. I have put them in albums, stock books and also some stamps are affixed in pre printed albums.

3.      Philately is king of hobbies and hobby of kings? How far this statement is justified in today’s scenario? What is that which you admire the most in philately?

Beyond any doubt, philately in king of hobbies but I slightly differ from the statement as now it is hobby of masses. It caters to a very simple poor person to a King. Philately has in its store so much to deliver. With spread of so many fields of philately, it serves every one. Thematic philately touches hearts of every one. Yes, postal history is a costly affair.

The versatility, the vastness, the colours of the stamps, the journey of a letter from sender to the addressee .. are all which I like the most. Indian stamps do have special place in my heart.

    Philatelic clubs and societies play a vital role in development and promotion of philately  &  helps to enjoy and explore philately. How do you feel after joining the Doon Philatelic Club.

Yes, philatelic clubs and societies are very essential for development and promotion of philately. There are digital sites, magazines, journals, exchange and sale purchase sites but local clubs have their own importance. Everyone looks for appreciation. The will to share and learn is always there. The clubs and societies do the same. These also helps in strengthening the bond of friendship and brotherhood.
I feel very  happy and also proud to be member of Doon Philatelic Club. The composition of its members has versatility as  members belong to different age groups, have different  philatelic interests, there are very senior and renowned philatelists, people from different walks of life are there….. all bunched together in this club gives me immense pleasure. I mean there is lot which can be learnt and delivered amongst the members.  I am thankful to all the members who elected me the founder president of the club.

5.      You are  a man with versatile personality who enjoyed the life in open manner. A photographic genius, asocial worker, a hardcore Violin Player, the first man  who went on India Tour on a motor cycle,..a man who was looking forward for world tour on motorcycle, a man who promoted art, drama and culture during his college days…. I mean  its amazing. Please  tell us briefly  about  some of these interesting aspects of your personality?

As I have already opined that I wanted to enjoy every moment of life so I tried my best  in all the possible ways. Photography always fascinated me. I had a LEICA and a ROLICARD camera in those days . I was in to music since my childhood (at the age of 12) and got training for Instrumental music. Yes, Violin has been very close to my heart and I excelled in violin playing too. Becoming first man to have travelled throughout India in 1958  on Royal Enfield motorcycle. This gave me strength as it was very difficult in  those days to think and more to complete such solo journey. It was tough and full of adventure crossing rivers, passing through dense forests, deserts, meeting with minor accident ,facing motorcycle breakdown in remote area, passing nights on road side etc. etc..  .Drama and stage plays  were close to my heart. I was the founder president of the JUNIOR CHAMBERS in 1965 under which I started the GANDI CENTANERY EYE HOSPITAL in Dehradun. I was also selected in J.S.W.(Army) though I didn’t peruse it. I am thankful  to my family who always encouraged me to live the life to the fullest. My wife too has been an excellent painter.  I won’ t say I have achieved  whatever I wanted but I am satisfied with what I could do but of course, there is still desire to do something new…

6.      Rainbow is an established philatelic digital journal. How do you feel after having copies of Rainbow in your hand/on your desktop. Tell some thing about your experience about such journals and their place in promotion of philately ?

Rainbow is truly  a marvelous philatelic journal which covers various desired aspects of philately and keeps the readers updated. In a short span of time, Rainbow has become my necessity as I enjoy reading the contents again and again. My thanks to Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti who puts so much of hard work into it. The regular contributors like Mr. Naresh Agarwal, Dr. Satyendra Agrawal and Dr. Jagtap etc.  too deserve all appreciation. My sincere thanks to all of them.
Yes, philatelic journals and magazines are essential for new and veteran stamp lovers and philatelists. They help in promotion and development of philately as they serve knowledge and act as platform to put your views.

     As you have told, you have collected philatelic material on different aspects of philately. Tell us about your plans about what you are going to do with the philatelic assets you have. Are you going to dispose that off or planning to preserve the same?

I do have sufficient philatelic material like stamps and covers of different era and countries which I love and love only. Apart from philatelic material I do have good number of memorabilia . I have never thought of disposing those off through sales. My children want those to be preserved  and give an opportunity to the coming generations to know about their family. I have good number of marvelous pieces of precision paintings done by my wife on thin cloth. The methodology to preserve the things is being worked upon by my children who love me the most.

8.      In the modern world, when the life styles and priorities have changed, many new sports and hobbies including virtual games have emerged, children have become more conscious about their career; how can philately survive? What are the affects of over-commercialization of the hobby?

Philately is king of hobbies and is immortal. There may be emergence of thousands of new hobbies but their effect is short term. Their lives are limited. Like new  songs which have very limited life. I have firm belief that “Old is Gold”. .Yes, priorities have changed, aspiration are different, life has become fast… but you know one has to stop somewhere.. and there philately serves as friend and healer which gives relief.. satisfaction, joy and pleasure.
Yes, commercialization has given new direction to the hobby as it has limited the birth of new philatelists. But It is a temporary phase which will pass and has short term effects.

9.      Finally, your views about your family support in your philatelic journey  and your message to the youngsters regarding adopting philately as hobby when there are several means of entertainment mainly the digital
As already mentioned by me, my family has always been a big support for me. My parents encouraged me when I was child and young, my wife always stood by me and my children are always my admirer.  I will advise youngsters to live the life happily. Work hard with full devotion and dedication. Philately is such a hobby which stays in heart not in brain. Live the life through brain and love the life through heart.

 Interview : Naresh Agrawal

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