14 December 2017

Lights of Christmas

Date of Issue : 1 November 2017

Here is a beautiful set of Christmas stamps issued by Australia Post on 1st November 2017. There are two sets one Traditional and other secular themed set.Set of Maxi cards and Special Christmas  Coin and stamp covers have also been issued by Australia Post.
The two traditional designs from the Christmas 2017 stamp issue each feature a painting of the Madonna and Child projected onto the façade of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. Every Christmas since 2010, the cathedral has been host to the Lights of Christmas, a digital animated light and sound display that illuminates the church with themes of peace, joy and goodwill. This public event, by AGB Events, has proved very popular, and in 2016 attracted a crowd of around 300,000 people. The stamps were designed by Andrew Hogg Design.

The three secular-themed stamps were designed by Jo Muré of the Australia Post Design Studio. The bright and graphic imagery also presents the themes of joy and goodwill, via carefully wrapped gifts, cheerful chiming bells and a star-spangled Christmas tree.

Maxi Cards

Stamp Design Competition by India Post

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