05 September 2011

My recent cards and Covers



Picture 003

Picture 003 

Wolfgang Beyer , Germany

thank-you This is a perfect Registered cover with German stamp on Archaeopteryx and cancellation on Archaeopteryx Dino Park, Munchehagen. Many thanks to Mr Wolfgang Beyer for this beautiful cancellation . Dino Park Münchehagen is world famous Dino Park of Germany and it  has more than 200 life-size dinosaurs ( Brontosaurus, Trex, raptors and so on) arranged around a walking trail where real dinosaurs once roamed.Have a glimpse of this park here on You Tube !!



Picture Post cards

 Picture 003

Picture Post card is based on an oil painting on canvas by noted artist and philatelist Shri Dipok Dey of Kolkata.

Picture 004

 Copy of thanks

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