08 September 2011

International Literacy Day..



8 September -  International Literacy Day

The United Nations' (UN) International Literacy Day annually falls on September 8 to raise people's awareness of and concern for literacy issues in the world.




The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its partners promote the day to underline the significance of literacy for healthy societies, with a strong emphasis on epidemics and communicable diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.In countries all over the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the day raises people's awareness of and concern for literacy problems within their own communities.

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Philatelic Library for Sale

Philatelist and writer Anil Dhir is disposing off his entire library of rare and important philatelic books that he has collected over the years. The first list of more then a hundred books offered for sale is ready. To get the list send him an email at anildhir2k5@hotmail.com

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New Special Cover

INS Satpura

Special Cover - Commissioning of INS Satpura - August 20, 2011

The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Nirmal Verma released a special cover for Commissioning of INS Satpura during the ceremony held at Mumbai on August 20, 2011.

The cachet shows INS Satpura in action and the special postmark shows the Crest of INS Satpura with design showing "Khandas" - Indian double-edge straight sword - emerging from the Satpura hill ranges. The word "Khanda" has its origin in the word "Khand" meaning "to break, divide, cut, and destroy" and motto "Resolve, Pride, Courage."

INS Satpura is the latest stealth frigate of Indian Navy, with pennant number F48, second ship of the Shivalik Class Frigates built by Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai.

- Kasinath R., Thanjavur
My Watercraft Philately -

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