09 September 2011

Archaeopteryx Cover from Germany…


 Picture 005

Here is another nice  registered cover from Germany sent by  Mr Wolfgang Beyer  with stamps and cancellation on archaeopteryx. Thanks a lot  for this perfect cover. It’s wonderful !!


Picture 005

  : Wolfgang Beyer- Germany


Indian theme on World Philately

                                            - Kenneth Sequeira

Ashoka Pillar on postmark from Reunion

Reunion 1986

The postmark depicts the Ashoka Pillar with slogan "1985-86 year of India"

Note :

I would request if  readers could share some input on this postmark depicting the Ashoka pillar with caption "1985-86 year of India" It is difficult to co-relate or get some link between Reunion Island & India. It might be due to Indian community living in Reunion and the particular year might be dedicated to them. But this is only a presumption. If anyone, especially from France  knows more about it, please write your comments for publication on this blog. It will be pleasure to share with the readers – J.Jyoti

Réunion previously Île Bourbon) is a French island with a population of about 800,000 located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, about 200 kilometres (120 mi) south west of Mauritius, the nearest island.

Administratively, Réunion is one of the overseas départements of France. Like the other overseas departments, Réunion is also one of the 27 regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the Republic with the same status as those situated on the European mainland. Réunion is an outermost region of the European Union and, as an overseas department of France, is part of the Eurozone.

Arab sailors used to call this island Dina Morgabin ("Western Island"). The Portuguese were the first Europeans to visit the island, finding it uninhabited in 1513, and naming it Santa Apollonia. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, French immigration, supplemented by influxes of Africans, Chinese, Malays, and Malabar Indians, gave the island its ethnic mix. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cost the island its importance as a stopover on the East Indies trade route.

An island of true contrasts, the French department of Reunion is unknown to many of the world's travelers. ! This unique island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is simply one of the most intriguing spots on earth. Not as well-known as nearby Mauritius or the not-so-far-away British Seychelles, little Reunion seems but a speck in the vast ocean, dwarfed by Madagascar, located 500 miles to the west. The French know the island well but only the very well-traveled have ever stepped foot on Reunion's varied and enticing terrain.

Club News

Joyland – an exclusive newspaper for children

I have received  a copy of exclusive newspaper for children “Joyland”, published from Kolkata  and edited by Jhikimiki Das. The newspaper is very informative and contains articles on a variety of subjects like Science, Culture, history, hobbies and current affairs. The small and beautiful newspaper  inculcates the habit of general reading in children which is diminishing these days due to over dominance of TV and computer  in our daily life . The newspaper can be ordered at a very nominal subscription . Contact Editor, Joyland email : ourjoyland@gmail.com 

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