11 September 2011

Stamps on 10th anniversary of 9/11 …



In Memoriam 9.11.2001

On Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Postal Administrations of Gambia,St Vincent &The Grenadines,Tanzania and Sierra Leone have issued stamps as a tribute to the victims of 9/11.



We will never Forget…


Date of Issue : 11 September 2011


10th Memorial Anniversary

Stamps issued on First Anniversary of 9/11


Date of Issue : 11 September 2002


Date of Issue : 11 February 2002


Date of Issue : 10 January 2002

First anniversary of 9/11

United We Stand


Club News

One year before 10th anniversary of 9/11….


Caryl Jordan Baum of Roseburg displays a painting created in 1991 by her mother, Mary Jane Jordan, in Roseburg. Jordan Baum, 67, believes it prophetically depicted the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. She hopes to have the painting, made into a postage stamp that commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Woman hopes mother’s ‘prophetic’ painting chosen for 9/11 stamp

By Inka Bajandas / The (Roseburg) News-Review
Published: October 23. 2010

ROSEBURG — Ghostly figures run across the roof of a skyscraper, smoke and flames reflected in the building’s window panes, contrasting with the brilliant blue sky.

The people, who have no faces or color, clamber on top of each other in their haste to get away from a man brandishing a knife. A large American flag stands in the midst of the pale figures, the red and white stripes smudging together as if the flag has been drenched in a heavy rain.

The scene is from a watercolor called “Saving Freedom” painted by Roseburg resident Caryl Jordan Baum’s late mother, Mary Jane Jordan, in 1991.

Jordan Baum plans to submit an application to the U.S. Postal Service soon and believes the painting’s significance makes a strong case for it being put on a stamp.

Bush owns copy

Prints of the painting have been sold to people all over the country, with former President George W. Bush being the most famous owner, she said.

Jordan Baum found the painting while looking through a stash of her mother’s artwork in her garage shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. Perceiving it as an eerie foretelling of the terrorist attacks, she rushed over to her mother’s nursing home to show her the painting and find out more about it. That’s when Jordan explained the vision to her daughter.

“She saw the whole thing before,” Jordan Baum said. “She had a vision, and she didn’t know what it was. It scared her so she put (the painting) away.”

Jordan Baum also noted how the painting contrasted with her mother’s other watercolors, which mostly depicted colorful landscapes and flowers.

“They were beautiful scenes, and they were nothing like this,” she said, gesturing to a print of the painting identical to the one in the Bush archives.

Per her mother’s request, all proceeds from prints and cards depicting the painting went to charity. People who saw the painting remarked that it would make a striking stamp.

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