27 September 2011

New Stamp from India..



Jaimalji Maharaj

Date of Issue : 25 September 2011

India Post issued a commemorative   stamp on Jain saint Jaimalji Maharaj on 25th September 2011.JaimalJi Maharaj was born in Lambiya, Merta in Rajasthan.At the age of 23 Years he decided for dixa that was just six months after his marriage .His renunciation Guru was Achrya Samrat Sri Bhudarji Maharaj Sahab. 

Indian theme on foreign stamps

- Kenneth Sequeira


2010 visit by President Obama

In November 2010 Obama became the second U.S. President after Richard Nixon (in 1969) to undertake a visit to India in his first term in office. On November 8 Obama became the 2nd U.S. President ever to address a joint session of the Parliament of India. In a major policy shift Obama declared U.S. support for India's permanent membership of United Nations Security Council. Calling India-U.S. relationship a defining partnership of 21st century he also announced removal of export control restrictions on several Indian companies and concluded trade deals worth $10 billion which are expected to create/support 50,000 jobs in the U.S. during this visit.


Nevis -2



Screenshot_1 Mansoor B. – Mangalore, Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai (UAE)

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