26 September 2011

Supply Ships…



Date of Issue : 31 August 2011

Pitcairn Islands Post issued  a set of four stamps on 31 August 2011 featuring supply Ships.The supply ships are a part of Pitcairn’s history and the Pitcairners have much to be thankful for with the service provided by the Southern Salvor; Claymore II; Braveheart; Taporo VIII and all their crews, for whom this issue is dedicated.


Pitcairn’s remoteness means it is dependent on small supply ships to provide a lifeline to the community. Since the withdrawal of the Blue Star Line in 2003, the residents have relied on the smaller vessels that ply their way from Mangareva in French Polynesia, some 500 km away.

Loading and unloading can be a difficult business. Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the decision is made which side of the Island to carry out this tricky operation involving all hands and a good understanding between winch operators and the longboat crews. Sometimes the weather and sea conditions win out, with some items not able to be landed.

My Recent Cover

Picture 010

Thanks to Andrzej, Poland for this nice cover with Europa 2011 stamp and special cancellation of  Zubr - European bison.


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