23 September 2011

Vanuatu Beaches….



Date of Issue : 29 September 2011

Vanuatu Post will issue a beautiful set of stamps on 29 September 2011 on Tourism featuring famous beaches of Vanuatu. The stamps have special effect of sand which give a feel of sand on stamps .



Spread right through the archipelago, the beaches of this unspoilt paradise, Vanuatu are a sight to behold:

First of all there are the colours – whiter- than white sand curving around enchanting bays and stretching into turquoise, clear blue water teeming with tropical fish and colourful coral.
Secondly the scenery. Palm trees sway on the beaches while waves lap the shore, all framing volcanic islands in the distance. Then comes the local inhabitants – the hundreds of varieties of fish, the exotic bird life and the occasional turtle.

Last-but-not-least is the peace and serenity. Some of the beaches from this unspoilt land are only accessible by boat or float plane and leave the visitor with an unreal feeling of having spent time in such a pristine environment. Their footprints are the only sign of having been there but photographs help the memory long after their visit is over.

The stamp issue has a textured feel and highlights four of thousands of wonderful examples. Champagne Beach, Havana Harbour, Eratap Island and Pele Island give the viewer a taste of what to expect.


A First for Vanuatu Post

The Beach stamp issue carries a special coating to simulate the feel of real sand. The stamps are printed in four process colours and then perforated. They then receive a patterned overprint with a clear sealer followed by a coarse 30 micron non dissolving spray powder is applied.

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