30 September 2011

New Stamp from India



The Trained Nurses Association of India


Date of Issue : 30 September 2011

Screenshot_3  : Mansoor Bolar - Mangalore

India Post issued today, a commemorative postage stamp on The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) .


Headquarters of The Trained Nurses' Association of India,
New Delhi


The Association had its beginning in the Association of Nursing Superintendents which was founded in 1905, at Lucknow. The organisation was composed of nine European Nurses holding administrative posts in hospitals.

Like their counterparts in other countries, this small band of women was imbued with vision and a pioneering spirit. They saw the need to develop Nursing as a profession and also to provide a forum where professional Nurses could meet and plan to achieve these ends.

The Association of Nursing Superintendents, therefore, sought the help and co-operation of Nurses throughout the country. At the Annual Conference held in Bombay in 1908, a decision was taken to establish Trained Nurses Association. The Association was inaugurated in 1909. The two organisations shared the same officers until 1910 when, at the first Trained Nurses Association (TNA) Conference, held at Banaras (UP), the TNA members elected their own officers.

In 1922, the Association of Nursing Superintendents and Trained Nurses Association were amalgamated and called The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI).

In 1912 the TNAI got affiliated with the International Council of Nurses (ICN). The TNAI along with various responsibilities as a member had participated in the ICN Nursing Abroad Programme since 1950. Under this scheme a number of TNAI members had been placed in institutions abroad to obtain clinical experience on an "earn and learn" basis. In 1974 the TNAI became a member of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation (CNF).

Indian theme on foreign stamps

- Kenneth Sequeira

Guyana Post issued a Miniature sheet during INDIPEX 2011.  featuring Taj Mahal, the  most beautiful monument of India and a world heritage site declared by UNESCO.


Taj Mahal – The Pride of India

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