07 September 2011

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Date of Issue  : 7 September 2011

India Post released today a commemorative stamp on Tejaji Maharaj .Veer Teja  or Tejaji  (1074–1103) was a folk-deity who lived in the state of Rajasthan in . The history of Rajasthan is filled with lots of heroic stories and instances where people have put their life and families at risk and kept the pride and values like loyalty, freedom, truth, shelter, social reform etc intact. Veer Teja was one of these famous people in the history of Rajasthan.

Courtesy: Mansoor B., Mangalore


Veer Teja ji is considered to be folk-deity and worshiped in entire Rajasthan by all communities. He was born on  (29 January 1074), in the family of Dhaulya gotra Nagavanshi Jats. His father was Chaudhary Tahar, a chieftain of Khirnal in Nagaur district in Rajasthan. His mother’s name was Sugna. Mother Sugna is believed to have got son Teja ji by the blessings of Nāga-deity.


Tejaji Temple at Kharnal in Nagaur Rajasthan

Veer Teja was a great saint. A large number of temples of Veer Teja have been built in entire Rajasthan. It is believed that if a person suffering from snakebite goes to samadhi of Teja or puts a chord (tanti) in Tejaji's name, he is cured. Teja ji is a demigod with the power to spare from death any snakebite victim who ties an amulet in Teja ji's name. And to this day the priests of Teja ji's temples go into trance and suck the poison out of snakebites and then tie a thread around the wrist or ankle of the victim. And it is believed that no one so treated will die from the bite.

Tejaji Fair

A large fair, Mela Tejaji, Takes place during (Aug.-Sept.) every year in village Parbatsar, District Nagaur in Rajasthan. Veer Tejaji Cattle Fair at Parbatsar near Makrana is also organized every year.

Historical facts are that while Tejaji was returning from Paner with his wife he was attacked jointly by Meenas, who were defeated earlier and Nagavanshi chieftains. Tejaji and his wife fought bravely with sword. Tejaji was killed in the war and Pemal became sati at place called Sursura. Tejaji's sister Rajal had also become sati which is a unique example of sister becoming sati in the Indian history.

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