29 June 2011

Covers with special postmarks..


Gregory Peck Cover0001


Critical Analysis of the cover :

Mr Pradip Kumar Malik of Patna has sent scan of this cover for Critical analysis. I am giving here special comments  on this cover by Dr Avinash B. Jagtap .


Gregory Peck Cover0001

Expert Comments by Dr Avinash B. Jagtap

The cover sent from the USA with the personality stamp depicting one of the best character representing screen-play actor Gregory Peck. The cancellation reads "Mocking Bird Station". Late Mr. Gregory Peck acted in the film with the caption " To kill a Mocking Bird". Of-course the post office from where the envelope was dispatched has the same name (of course it must have been given after the film with the name "To kill a mocking Bird" was screened). It is a pictorial cancellation. The cover can be shown in a display which is based on "Famous Actors" or "Famous Films". Unfortunately the cancellation is rather too big and touches only one side of the stamp affixed to the cover. Had it been fully applied to all three stamps, it would have been difficult to read it (as the stamp itself is in grey-black colour). The cover can also be displayed in a collection on birds, but only with some reservations.

My recent Covers

Picture 006

I have received two special covers from Mrs Radha Ramalingam  of Thiruvannamalai. Many thanks to Mrs Ramalingam for the covers.

Picture 004

Critical analysis of the cover :

On the Brihadeesarar Temple  cover the  special postmark does not touch the stamp so philatelically it cannot be regarded as  an appropriate special cover.

Cover from USA

I received this cover with nice stamps from USA, sent by Mr Charles. The cover is not cancelled and it bears a personalized stamp with two stamps from USPS.

Picture 005

Thanks to Mr Charles Jensen, Florida- USA


Picture 003

Thanks to Mr Wolfgang Bayer, Germany

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