22 June 2011

‘The City of the Netherlands’ – First 3D stamps from Netherlands




‘The City of the Netherlands’

Hi ! With the introduction of advance technology, lot of experiments are being done in every field. The world of stamps is not far behind. Netherlands introduces first 3 D unique stamps which are first of their kind in the world.Just watch the video and you would know ; what is special about them’ ……. Enjoy the Post and Have a Great Time !!

On 28 March 2011, Ole Bouman, director of the NAI, presented Elco Brinkman (the chairman of Bouwend Nederland) with the first series of stamps called ‘The City of the Netherlands’ named after the NAI’s new permanent exhibition. The stamps are graced by five visions of a future ‘City of the Netherlands’. The very first stamps of their kind in the world!

3D architecture stamps


“Netherlands Institute of Architecture has teamed up with the Dutch postal service to create a set of stamps that, when held up in front of your webcam, display 3D models of five unbuilt works by Dutch architecture offices. ”

Augmented Reality Stamps

The collaboration between the TNT and NAI has resulted in an unusual project – a series of postage stamps. What’s special about these stamps is that they integrate Augmented Reality (AR). You can hold up the stamps in front of a webcam and see the buildings in 3D. This AR app works through a website www.toekomstinbeweging.nl (Dutch only). The project also demonstrates that cutting edge media technology can even fit onto something as small as a postage stamp!

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