09 June 2011

Global Philatelic Campaign on AIDS…

About 20 Postal administrations around the world have joined an initiative to issue stamps and other philatelic products to commemorate the landmark year. Participating Posts include: Belarus, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Croatia Post (Mostar), Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, New Caledonia, Malawi, Moldova, Pakistan, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uruguay.


On 3 June 2011, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) issued three self-adhesive stamps in a ribbon die-cut shape in mini-sheets of four stamps in the denominations of US$ 0.44, CHF 1.30 and ˆ 0.70 as well as a Souvenir Card to recognize 30 years of a world living with AIDS. This is the first time ever that UNPA has issued self-adhesive stamps.

Many stamps are being issued in June to coincide with the 2011 High Level Meeting on AIDS, taking place at the United Nations in New York from 8-10 June. The meeting will provide a platform for UN member states and partners to review progress and chart the future course of the global AIDS response.


AIDS on Stamps


Global campaign

The philatelic initiative is part of the global HIV-campaign launched in 2009 by the Universal Postal Union, UNAIDS, the International Labour Organization and UNI Global. The campaign relies on the global postal network’s vast outreach to draw attention to the importance of HIV prevention.
More than 23,000 post offices around the world have carried out awareness campaigns using posters, postcards, a
and public events to inform people about HIV. The campaigns have potentially reached millions of people. In Cameroon alone, the Post estimates that campaign materials are viewed daily by 36,000 people.
This is the first time that Posts worldwide have made a concerted effort to draw attention to AIDS, but philately has been raising awareness about the disease for years. A quick survey of the
UPU’s World Numbering System reveals that more than 60 different AIDS themed stamps have been issued since 2002, when the database was created.

New stamps on AIDS Awareness

Bosnia - Herzegovina


Date of Issue :9 June 2011



Date of Issue : 8 June 2011



Date of Issue : 8 June 2011

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