25 June 2011

Pride of India Collection…




Hi ! Here is the recent issue from Pride of India Collection featuring national animal of India, the Royal Bengal Tiger . It’s a gold plated replica of the stamp. The stamp was originally issued on 7 October 1963 . This is one of 25 best selected stamps for the series of Pride of India Collection jointly launched by India Post & Hallmark Group.This is all for this evening..…Till Next Post…….Have a Great Time !





Original Stamp Issue Date : 7 October 1963


For more details log on to : http://www.prideofindiacollection.com/


Royal Bengal Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris

Habitat and Distribution
Tigers are widely distributed from the alpine Himalayas to the rain forests of southern Western Ghats and from the dry forests of Rajasthan to the moist forests of north-east India.

Unique Characteristics
The tiger is one of the largest and most awesome predators in the world. This species undoubtedly fascinates every eye it meets. The body length of the majestic male ranges from 275-290 cm and of the female around 260 cm. The size and colour vary according to the geographic location and climate. Tiger is solitary and territorial and the territory of an adult male may encompass territories of two to seven females. It is carnivorous and hunts for prey primarily by sight and sound. It feeds on deer, wild pig, bovid and sometimes even other predators like leopards and bears.

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