19 June 2011

New Stamps from Croatia..



Castles of Croatia

Date of Issue : 17 June 2011

Hi ! Here are some new stamps issued by Croatian Post featuring a variety of themes on stamps . Recent  stamps on Castles cover Tourism theme, New Forest stamps commemorate EUOROA 2011 theme : Year of Forests and the animal series depicting endangered animals of Croatia feature fauna theme a beautiful set covering ‘Children’ theme. All the sets are sure to be liked by thematic collectors !! This is all for today….Till next Post…..Have a Nice Time !!


On 17 June 2011, Croatian Post released four new commemorative stamps from a new series entitled "Castles of Croatia".  The castles featured on the stamps are:

Donji Miholjac, the Hilleprand-Mailath Castle (face value HRK 3.10),
Nasice, the castles of the Pejacevic family (face value HRK 3.10),
Bilje, the Palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy (face value HRK 4.60),
Valpovo, the Hilleprand-Prandau Normann-Ehrenfels Castle (face value HRK 4.60).

Europa 2011


Date of Issue  : 10 May 2011

Croatian Post has issued two new commemorative postage stamps from the Europa series, which features forests as this year’s theme. The motifs  are works by two Croatian painters, Lovro Artuković and Josip Zanki. Zanki’s paintingThe first stamp features Artuković’s “Forest scene with spider web” painting.

Croatian Fauna : endangered species

Brown bearEleonoras Falcon Mediterranean Monk Seal 

Date of Issue : 22 March 2011

Croatian Post issued three  commemorative postage stamps in the Croatian Fauna series in March this year. Animal species which inhabit the territory of the Republic of Croatia have been joined, on stamps, by three endangered species: the brown bear (face value HRK 1.60), Eleonora’s Falcon (face value HRK 3.10) and the Mediterranean Monk Seal (face value HRK 4.60).

Children’s World


Date of Issue : 15 February 2011

Croatian Post has released Croatia’s first 2011 stamp – Children’s World. The stamp is dedicated to the International Children’s Festival in Šibenik and bears the motif of a child holding colorful balloons.

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