21 June 2011

New Stamps from Sri Lanka…



 Srilanka 2011 New Issue Page - 4

Date of Issue : 15 May 2011

Sri Lanka Post issued a set of four stamps and MS on 15 May 2011 to commemorate famous Vesak festival commonly known as Buddha’s Birthday.


Vesak is an annual public holiday observed traditionally by practicing Buddhists in South Asian and South East Asian countries like Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Sometimes informally called “Buddha’s birthday,” it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment Nirvana, and passing (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha.

In Sri Lanka the Vesak Festival is celebrated as a religious and a cultural festival in Sri Lanka on the full moon of the month of May, for two days.

During these two days, the selling of alcohol and flesh is prohibited by government decree. As a symbolic act of liberation, birds, insects and animals are released in huge numbers.

Celebrations include various religious and alms giving activities. Electrically lit pandols called toranas are erected in various locations in Colombo and elsewhere, most sponsored by donors, religious societies and welfare groups. Each pandol illustrates a story from the 550 Jataka Katha or the 550 Past Life Stories of the Buddha.

Srilanka 2011Vesak

In addition, colourful lanterns called Vesak koodu are hung along streets and in front of homes. They signify the light of the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha. Many devout Buddhists wear simple white dresses on Vesak Day and spend the whole day in temples with renewed determination to observe the observance of the Eight Precepts of Buddhism.

Vesak celebration also means making special efforts to bring happiness to the people in more straightened circumstances. Food stalls set up by Buddhist devotees called dansälas provide free food and drinks to passersby. Groups of people from various community organisations, businesses and government departments sing bhakti geet or Buddhist devotional songs. Colombo experiences a massive influx of public from all parts of the country during this week.

Bridges and Culverts of Sri Lanka


Srilanka 2011 New Issue Page - 4

Date of Issue : 27 May 2011


Srilanka 2011 New Issue Page - 4

Image Source : Pradip Jain, Patna

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