14 June 2011

Korean Tourist destinations on stamps..


Date of Issue : 27 May 2011

Fascinating Tourist Destinations hidden in every corner of Korea will be introduced as a new series of stamps over the next four years. Korea Post issued its firs series on 27 May 2011.


The first installment of this series features the landscapes of Juknokwon in Damyang, a green tea field in Boseong, a wetland in Upo and Jusanji in Cheongsong. Juknokwon (a Bamboo Grove) in Damyang The wind blowing through the bamboo forest. Rustling sounds of bamboo leaves. Just looking up at the towering bamboos makes us feel invigorated.

This wondrous place enables the visitor to smell the delicate scent of freshly roasted green tea leaves, as well as experiencing such diverse events as the Dahyangje and green tea-related cultures.

Upo Wetland in Changnyeong Wetlands are called “the kidneys of nature” for its function of naturally purifying water. Recently, the benefits that wetlands bring to humans and its ecological values have placed the importance of their preservation under new spotlight.

It is said that over the past 300 years since, the reservoir has never revealed its bottom. Nested quietly on the foot of the Juwang Mountain, it offers its visitors the joy of meditation

: Korea Post

From our Readers…

Khadi MS


There are 9 possible positions of shifting Portrait of Gandhi in the Khadi stamp M.S. All the eight directions and a well centered position. I herewith describe as below:-

Khadi Final

Position-A: - shifting of Portrait towards 12.00-O’ clock

Position-B: - shifting of Portrait towards 1.30-O’ clock

Position-C: - shifting of Portrait towards 3.00-O’ clock

Position-D: - shifting of Portrait towards 4.30-O’ clock

Position-E: - shifting of Portrait towards 6.00-O’ clock

Position-F: - shifting of Portrait towards 7.30-O’ clock

Position-G: - shifting of Portrait towards 9.00-O’ clock

Position-H: - shifting of Portrait towards 10.30-O’ clock

Position-I: - A well centered position

- Hemant Kumar Jain, Mandla (MP)

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