23 June 2011

Cocoa Scented stamps from Liberia..



The African nation of Liberia will issue two sheets of chocolate themed postage stamps commemorating one of their leading exports, cocoa. Postage stamps on the first sheet are designed to appear as blocks of chocolate in an unwrapped candy bar, while the second sheet portrays a box of truffles–each stamp depicting a different gourmet confection. Both sheets are cocoa scented.


These attractive designs strive to educate philatelists in the process of making this beloved dessert, from harvesting the beans to packaging chocolate products. The incorporation of a quick response (QR) barcode supplies additional information on this process and gives the stamps a modern touch.

The QR code can be scanned by most smart phones and read with a built-in decoding program which will reveal a document entitled, “From Bean to Bar: The Making of Chocolate.” Each sheet features 9 stamps, and will be on sale at post offices throughout Liberia and through stamp dealers worldwide.


Club News

Pos Malaysia has withdrawn “ Virtues” issue after three days sale. 

virtues df

Pos Malaysia to recall, re-issue Value stamps

18 June 2011

WITH reference to “Group angry that Tamil not used in first day covers” (The Star Online, June 15), we acknowlege that the words featured in the stamp, depicting Kesyukuran (Thankfulness), included English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Hindi.

Pos Malaysia would like to clarify that the inclusion of the Hindi word featured in the stamp depicting Kesyukuran was an inadvertent error on the part of the issuing committee.

Therefore, Pos Malaysia will be recalling all the Nilai-Nilai Murni (Values) stamps and will reissue the stamps to include the Tamil word for Kesyukuran.

The Star

virtues 1

15 June 2011

Tamil Nesan reported that the Taiping Tamilar Sangam had voiced dissatisfaction over Pos Malaysia Berhad's failure to include Tamil in its recent release of first day covers promoting noble human values. Its president M.S. Mayadevan said that he was surprised that one of the 10 stamps released had the words terima kasih in Bahasa Malaysia and the same word in other languages like English, Chinese and Hindi but not a single word in Tamil.

He said that Pos Malaysia should have accorded proper recognition to the role of Tamil.He urged MIC to highlight the matter.

The Star

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