21 June 2011

New Stamps on Science and Wildlife..




Date of Issue : 23 June 2011

Thailand : Science and Technology

Hi ! In this post some new stamps on Science and wildlife. Both the themes are popular with topical stamp collectors all over the world.Thailand Post will issue a stamp on 23 June 2011 on 120th anniversary of development of Science service. The design of the stamp is excellent giving the striking view of science and technology theme. The postmark  of First day issue is very nice and most appropriate for this theme. The other beautiful set from Falkland Islands feature WWF sea lion stamps. This is all for this evening…..Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !!..


120th anniversary of development of Science Service


Falkland Islands : Wildlife


Date of Issue : 30 May 2011

The Falkland Islands Post  issued  a set of 4 WWF Southern sea lion stamps.

Sea lions are resident in the Falklands . Numbers have declined dramatically since the 1930's when the Falklands held a large proportion of the world's population of Southern sea lion.

The Southern sea lion (Otaria flavescens) is perhaps the archetypal sea lion in appearance. Males have a very large head with a well developed lion-like mane, making them the most lionesque of the eared seals.  Females are smaller and lighter in colour, varying from buff to light grey-brown. Pups are born black or dark brown before moulting to a more chocolate colour. All sea lions look very dark when wet.

Southern sea lions frequently feed in kelp beds and often at night. They sometimes prey on penguins, but their main food is octopus, squid, lobster krill and fish caught reasonably close to the shore.

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