01 June 2011

Rainbow of Philatelic Articles…

My Rainbow of Philatelic Articles by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal is a collection of specialized and comprehensive articles on a variety of subjects published in Rainbow Stamp News during last three years . These articles have enthralled the readers all over the world which is proved by a number of e mails received by me regularly from the readers in appreciation of Dr Agarwal’s articles . Dr. Agarwal needs no more introduction to my readers, a man of Roses who won several awards at National and International exhibitions for his specialized exhibit on Roses ( recently won Large Vermeil in INDIPEX 2011) . This book of his specialized articles brought out by Dr Agarwal is another beautiful rose in his collection which also won a Silver Bronze Medal in INDIPEX 2011 in the Literature Class.

Its a great pleasure for me to present here the Book Review of this wonderful book by Dr Agarwal for the lovers of Thematic Philately. It has also been reviewed by Topical Time of ATA .

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Book Review

The book ‘My Rainbow of Philatelic Articles’ by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal contains about 20 articles on different themes including technical articles on thematic Philately with more than 400 color illustrations in 150 pages.The book is a complete guide for thematic collectors. The specific feature of this book is its high quality of printing which gives crystal clear image of the illustrations. It would not only help collectors to select an interesting theme for their exhibit but would also guide them about availability of specific philatelic material available on that particular subject. It is a complete reference book for the lovers of Thematic Philately. The technical articles “Way to Gold” and “Stamp booklet as a Philatelic element” deals with the finer points of Thematic Philately and explains how an exhibitor can reach a higher medal level by arranging and selecting material prudently. This book is highly useful for all thematic collectors and general philatelists and for the libraries of schools, colleges and Philatelic societies..

The 150 page hardbound book published by Philagold Publications is priced at Rs 1200 ( US $ 25). Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal may be contacted for this book at email : rosephila@hotmail.com

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Book Review by Topical Time of American Topical Association

My books review in TopicalTimes (1)

My books review in TopicalTimes (1)

My books review in TopicalTimes (1)

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