01 July 2011

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Hi ! I have just published July issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog with articles and news from the world of stamps. Special feature of the issues are Interview with Mr Rajesh Kumar Bagri, Commissioner General of INDIPEX 2011 and a very informative article by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal for the lovers of Thematic Philately.  Just enjoy this issue with other regular features : series by Dr Jagtap and Mr Naresh Agarwal. This is all for today …Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !!


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e Post Office….

Kasinath R. :  My Watercraft Philately - http://shipthemegallery.blogspot.com/

Recently when I tried to access e PostOffice website, I got this message as shown in the attachment.
This makes me to think whether providing credit/debit card information with this site will be secure or tampered with.India Post officials maintaining the site should try to rectify the problem ASAP to prevent any fraud happening.


Readers are requested to Comment …. or share their experience if they received such message while accessing ePost Office website.

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Mansoor.B said...

Yes ! I recvd. the same message 2 days back!

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