27 July 2011

Ramayan on new Special Cover from Romania…



Hi ! I am back to my blog after 3 day vacation at  Dehradun, the city of academies and institutions. I visited the Philatelic Bureau to get some nice covers from Uttarakhand Postal Circle. But the time was not appropriate and the concerned officer was not available at the bureau. I had no time to wait….. During my long journey I could not access Internet….so could not publish new Posts . After return, found lot of mails in my Inbox…Here is one to share …..  It is a very nice item related with Indian mythology. It is a wonderful  special cover from Romania featuring scene from Ramayana. The info about this cover has been sent by our distinguished reader Ms Leeza Padhi from Silver city, Cuttack- Orissa. Thanks  Leeza, for sharing this nice info on this blog. It is an interesting cover . The imprinted stamp is the combination of two stamps issued by Romania Post earlier . Just enjoy the cover and have a nice time !



 Ramayana finds its way to Romania via Thailand. A special cover was  issued last month in Romania, shows scenes from Ramayana .


Imprinted stamp shows combination of Thailand 2005 stamp showing Rama fighting Ravan and Romania 2007 Kalasuri dance.Cover illustration shows among other stamps Thailand 1975 Hanuman mask stamp.

- Leeza Padhi- Cuttack

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