19 July 2011

New Zodiac Stamps from Japan..


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Date of Issue : 7 July 2011

Special Stamps
"Constellation Series Vol.1"

Japan Post issued new "Zodiac" stamps on July 7, 2011, aiming to promote culture and science . The stamps depict constellations of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, House, Aquila, Cygnus, Hercules, Ophiuchus Serpens, Delphinus and Fish Hook.

The design of a postage stamp are as below :
(1) Libra
It looks good for the southern sky of early summer, many faint stars, the stars line up well, "balance" is far from the image. Appear next to the East "Virgo" listed in the Astra air-hand model was the goddess of justice, "the balance right and wrong measure" has become a constellation.Orbit of the sun across the sky (the ecliptic) is a constellation of 12 passes. Also a highly recognized constellations are used in astrology since ancient times.
(2) Scorpio
Clearly visible in the sky of the southern summer evening, is typical of the summer constellations. Impressive is how the stars have aligned in an S-shaped, bright images can facilitate the appearance of a scorpion. Noticeably bright orange first-magnitude star Antares at the heart of the scorpion.
(3) Sagittarius
Often seen in the late summer evening in the southern sky. You have (Archer), a family chalone half human half horse centaurs of Greek mythology, aimed at the heart of the Scorpion Antares is 引Ki絞Tta a bow shape. The broad background is bright Milky Way flows.
(4) House that
The constellations visible high overhead in the summer evenings. Is a small constellation, if the stars line up in place, the Western harp harp can image. Vega is very noticeable white glow, the Tanabata "Princess and the (Orihime) Stars" in the "Summer Triangle of stars" is one of three first-magnitude star to form.
(5) Aquila
The constellations visible in the southern summer night sky. Altair is strikingly noticeable sparkle "of the Summer Triangle" is one of three forms of the first magnitude, the Tanabata "Hiko (eon) Stars" is. In the dark of the night sky, the constellation Vega and Altair and this (Orihime star), but notice how shiny on both sides of the Milky Way.
(6) Cygnus
The constellations visible high overhead in the summer evenings. The stars arranged in a cross in the background of the Milky Way, emerge the form of a swan flying in the sky with outstretched wings. In its beauty, is called the Northern Cross on the Southern Cross. Deneb is the tail feathers shine in the position of "Summer Triangle of stars" is one of three first-magnitude star to form.
(7) Hercules
You look high overhead in the evening of the summer constellations. Hercules is a hero to Greek mythology, a saga that has been involved in various other constellations. Bright star, but look at the dark night sky, you will emerge strong hero figure of Hercules.
(8) Ophiuchus Serpens
You look south of the constellation of Hercules in the summer evening. Ophiuchus is a figure of Asklepios is the Greek myth in medicine saint, and get the dragon is a symbol of medicine. Serpens is the snake is this. If you know the head and tail, no other such a constellation.
(9) Delphinus
The constellations visible in the southern summer night sky. If appointed to the compact arrangement of the stars just fainter stars in the Milky Way near the banks and jump out of the water Pyonto is a very impressive figure of a dolphin. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea appeared as use.
(10) Selling your mothers Fishing
"Selling our mothers fishing", the constellation name has been established by the International Astronomical Union is now used worldwide by name "ancient constellation Japan." Use fishing line to the curve of the stars of Scorpio S-shaped "hook" not likened to the name has been handed down around the old fishing villages of the Seto Inland Sea.

New Stamps on Sports from Japan


Date of Issue : July 08, 2011

Special Stamps
"100 Years of Japanese sport"

(1) Big Japan Amateur Sports Association was founded (1911)
(2) Japan's first Olympic participation (1912)
(3) National Sports Festival (since 1946)
(4) "Flying Fish of Fujiyama" was called Jin Zhi, Hiroshi Furuhashi (1949)
(5) boy scouts founder of Sports (1962)
(6) The 18th Olympic Games (Tokyo 1964 /)
(7) the 11th Olympic Winter Games (Sapporo 1972 /)
(8) The 18th Olympic Winter Games (Nagano 1998 /)
(9) sports Masters of Japan (2001 -)
(10) The 29th Olympic Games (Beijing 2008 /)
Background sheet:
100 Years of Japanese sports logo / on a background
Japan Amateur Sports Association logo / left in the background
Japanese Olympic Committee logo / right in the background
18th Olympic Games / bottom of the background (Tokyo, 1964 /)
Opening Ceremony Olympic cauldron

Club News


Special Cover on Anandilal Podar to be released on 30 July

A special cover will be released in Kolkata on 30th July  on ANNANDI LALL PODDAR, mayor of Calcutta in early 40's and a leading businessman of his time.Shri Anandilal Podar was an associate of Mahatma Gandhi. Shri Podar not only contributed liberally to sustain the Freedom movement but also endeavored upliftment of poor having put himself on the mission of education of the mass. Shri. Podar in 1921 establishment Anandilal Education Society now called Anandilal Podar Trust. He was the founder member of Podar Enterprise.

Interesting news about the cover is the number to be printed, 10,000. its perhaps the largest number of special cover to be released in India on a single issue. The cover has been designed by Mr Souvik Roy of Kolkata. Mr Souvik Roy may be contacted for this special Cover. email : lorenzosouvik@gmail.com 

Souvik Roy is a noted philatelist of Kolkata and has prepared a specialized collection on  Tagore Theme. Recently  a  Philatelic Exhibition on Tagore was held at  Rabindranath Tagore Centre in Kolkata organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India. The exhibits of  Sekhar Chakrabarti, Moloy Sarkar  and Souvik Roy were displayed  in this exhibition.

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