28 July 2011

Pictorial Cancellation on Archaeopteryx…



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Here are some very nice pictorial cancellation to be issued in Germany at different places. Mr. Wolfgang Beyer  has sent details about them. Those interested in these cancellations, may write to Mr Beyer.

On August 11th   a pictorial cancellation will be provided   featuring the prehistoric  bird ARCHAEOPTERYX   at the post office  Eichstätt , Germany.

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A pictorial Cancellation will be provided on Dinosaur park at Munchehagen, Germany featuring Dinosaur on 30 July 2011.

These pictorial  postmarks are available from Mr. Wolfgang Beyer Member of Staff   from the  Philatelic group ArGe ZOOLOGIE . Email : Wolfgang.Beyer1@polizei.sachsen.de


Archaeopteryx  is the earliest bird in the fossil record, coming from the Late Jurassic lithographic limestone near Solnhofen, Germany. The first specimen was found in 1891, almost coincident with Darwin's publication of Origin of Species two years later, and ten more have since been found.

Archaeopteryx was about the size of a crow with short, broad wings and a long tail. While its feathers were similar to those of living birds, it had jaws lined with sharp teeth, three fingers ending in curving claws, and a long bony tail, in stark contrast to modern birds.

Archaeopteryx's many features of dinosaurs such as the jaws with teeth, tiny forelimbs with three claws, a long tail and a head covered with scales while body, wings and tail were covered with feathers as in a bird provides strong evidence of the dinosaur ancestry of birds, and, more generally, of the validity of the Theory of Evolution.

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New Stamp from India


India Post issued a commemorative postage stamp on 28 July 2011 on Shri Kasu Brahmananda Reddy. 

: Mansoor B.,Mangalore

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, noted leader is credited with creating the Industrial infrastructure in and around Hyderabad. During his long regime of seven years (Longest for any Congress chief minister in the state of Andhra Pradesh), many major industries like BHEL, HMT, IDPL, Hindustan Cables and several defense establishments like MIDHANI, Bharath Dynamics were established.Kasu Brahmananda Reddy also held the key positions, such as Home Minister of India (1974–1977) and the Governor of Maharastra (February 20, 1988 to January 18, 1990).The famous Chiran Palace was named after Kasu Brahmananda Reddy. National Park in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, was named in his honor.


Special Covers



State animal of Rajasthan - Chinkara  ( Rajpex –2007 )



: Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur

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