14 July 2011

New stamps from Bulgaria ….


Bul 1

Museum of the Danube Fishing in the town of Tutrakan

Date of Issue : 29 June 2011

The Bulgaria Post has issued a set of stamps on 29 June 2011, dedicated to the Bulgarian Danube Museum.

The Ethnographic Museum "Danube fishing and boat-building" is located in town of Tutrakan. It was opened in 1974 and is the only one along the Danube River.

The Museum preserves the rich material and spiritual culture, social structure and lifestyle of the Bulgarians from the Danube-situated fishing villages. There are exhibited original artifacts, tools and objects which were used in the past and modern instruments and equipment which is used nowadays. There can also be seen cross and ritual bread for Nikulden, photos and graphics explaining the way fishing is accomplished in the villages along the lower Danube. There is other exposition related to the boat-building which has been developed in the region since the Roman period.

Here  are some more recent issues from Bulgaria.

Bulgarian regions, North-Central Bulgaria 

Bul 2

Date of Issue : 10 June 2011


120th anniversary of the Bulgarian philately press

Bul 3

Date of Issue : 27 May 2011 


20th anniversary of the Commission on Protection of Competition


Date of Issue : 2 May 2011

- Stamps of Bulgaria


Club News

The newest stamp issuing  country – South Sudan

On July 9 2011,South Sudan becomes the youngest state in the world. The UN Security Council recommended to General Assembly on July 13, 2011 that the Republic of South Sudan join the UN, bringing the new nation one step closer to becoming the body’s 193rd member state.


South Sudan, officially known as The Republic of South Sudan, is a country in East Africa. Its capital and largest city is Juba, located in the southern state of Central Equatoria. The landlocked country is bordered by Ethiopia to the east; Kenya to the southeast; Uganda to the south; the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest; the Central African Republic to the west; and the Sudan to the north. South Sudan includes the vast swamp region of the Sudd formed by the White Nile, locally called the Bahr al Jabal.

image   Screenshot_1

What is now South Sudan was part of the British and Egyptian condominium of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and became part of the Republic of the Sudan when independence was achieved in 1956. Following the First Sudanese Civil War, the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region was formed in 1972 and lasted until 1983. A second Sudanese civil war soon developed and ended with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005. Later that year, southern autonomy was restored when an Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan was formed. South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011 at midnight (00:00) local time following a referendum held in January 2011 in which nearly 99% of voters opted for independence from the rest of Sudan.

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New Currency in South Sudan

July 13, 2011 (JUBA) -  The Republic of South Sudan will officially introduce its new currency early next week.


The new currency, which are in denominations of one, five, 10, 25, 50 and 100 will be effective as of 18 July. They will be distributed amongst the population in exchange for Sudanese Pounds be given out to members of the public in exchange for Sudanese Pounds (SDG) at designated distribution centres. It is expected that the exchange rate will be 1:1.

The notes printed by the UK company, De la Ru will have a portrait of John Garang watermark.


Stamp of undivided Sudan

New stamps for South Sudan

JUBA, 13 July 2011 – New postage stamps have been launched for the new Republic of South Sudan.

Brig. Gen. Biar

According to Brigadier General (Rtd) Elijah Biar Kuol, the Director General for Administration and Finance in the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services, 100,000 copies of the stamps have already been distributed to all the states of South Sudan.

He said the focus will be in the rural areas where more than 80 percent of the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan live.

Samples of the stamps

: Republic of South Sudan


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