30 July 2011

New Stamps on Sports..



Date of Issue : 12 July 2011



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Horse Racing                                    Jumping



On July 12, 2011 Belarus issued 3 stamps and a souvenir sheet dedicated to equestrian sport.

Equestrian sport began developing in Belarus after the creation of the first horse-riding school in Gomel in 1957. In 1958 its branch was opened in the village of Ratomka in Minsk region. Equestrian sport includes jumping (overcoming obstacles), dressage (training of a horse to a high level) and a three-day event (dressage, cross-country riding and show jumping). In 1997 a new equestrian sport — endurance riding and in 2008 — equestrian vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) appeared in Belarus. Horse racing is the equestrian competitions for the fastest riding on a racetrack.



Maximum Cards

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Athletes on New Costa Rica Stamps



Costa Rica Post has issued a set of stamps depicting the famous Costa Rican athletes: boxer Hanna Gabriels, sprinter Nery Brenes, football player Bryan Ruiz and rider Andrey Amador.

Beach Volleyball


To be issued on 16 August 2011

On 16 August 2011, a Beach volleyball stamp will be issued by Aland Post. The stamp appears in the form of a minisheet of eight identical stamps.

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