20 July 2011

Stamps on Health Tourism..



Date of Issue : 7 July 2011

Magyar Posta has issued a set of two stamps on health tourism. The stamps feature Hungary's famous spas : the Lukacs and Gellert Spas.The stamp designs feature interior and exterior views of the spas as well as statues of St Luke, whose name the Lukacs Baths bear, and Venus bathing.

St. Luke Spa

Lukacs Thermal Bath. This famous spa is named after St Luke. Although the Neo-Classical complex was established in 1894, the baths are one of a number still operating in the city that date back to the period of Turkish rule. Set in peaceful surroundings, the complex comprises the 16th-century Komjády (Császár) thermal baths and two outdoor swimming pools. Natural hot springs keep these pools heated all year round: bathing is comfortable even in winter. It is also worth entering the overgrown courtyard to see a statue of St Luke, dating from 1760, and the plaques inscribed with thanks by bathers from around the world who benefited from the healing waters.

Szent Gellért Spa

The Gellért Spa is the most prestigious thermal bath in Budapest. It has outdoor pool with artificial waves and thermal pools and saunas indoor.The world famous Art Nouveau-style Gellért Thermal Bath and Hotel opened in 1918 and 1927, the wave-bath and in 1934 expanded the whirlpool bath. The modernization is now out-shek in the swimming pool sitting in the outdoor sitting pool and a children's pool were renovated art water filtration and circulation equipment have been supplied. Today, almost all of the Gellért Thermal Bath Spa services are available.

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