23 July 2011

Endangered Wildlife species on new Japanese stamps..


"Japan Collection of rare wildlife -

The first series of harmony with nature."


Date of Issue : August 23, 2011

Japan Post will issue a beautiful set of stamps next month featuring endangered wildlife of Japan. On 15 July sheetlets of  different flowers of Japan were issued.

The designs of a postage stamps :
(1) Tsushima
Feline mammal that lives only in Tsushima, Estimated populations of the 1960s was head 250-300, now in decline due to habitat suitability for broad-leaved forest by felling head is 80-110.

(2) Zugurokamome
The birds of the gull family locally-distributed in East Asia. Growth in summer plumage (the collar) is characterized by black and white around the eyes in the head. China, a breeding ground and are said to reduce the loss factor of habitat suitability as one of the western coastal wintering grounds.
(3) Leavenworth lady slipper
Rebun Island in Hokkaido  is only growing in orchid plants. The flowers are pale yellow, the petals  is a large oval in the destination is characterized by short sharpen. Because of the high value horticulture and are collected too, is now distributed, and also has a limited number of individuals.
(4) Green Sea Turtle
The world's tropical, reptile department of the subtropical sea turtles are widely distributed .

(5) Oorurishijimi
Honshu, Japan is a unique subspecies of Lycaenidae only distributed in Kyushu.


"The Flower of home (flower of Japan's 47 prefectures)"



Date of Issue : July 15, 2011

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