11 September 2009

Special Covers of 9.9.9



Jagan 9


Hi ! Here are the special Covers created for memorable date 9.9.9. Prof Venkatesh S. Yalvigi created the wonderful cover for this special day. See detailed news below published in Bangalore Mirror. Here is the scan of the cancelled cover sent by our distinguished member Mr Jagannath Mani and 4 nice covers with different stamps from Dr Hemant V. Kulakarni of Milwaukee USA. Our distinguished member Mr Shrikant Parikh has created two wonderful covers for this special day. Please visit his Blog  to view beautiful covers.Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !


9.9.9  Gandhi

 Special covers created by Mr Shrikant Parikh for 9.9.9



Jagan 2

Backside of the cover created by Prof. Venkatesh  S Yalgivi

Day of the millennium

An 83-year-old former professor has designed special cover to mark palindromic dates

Deepthi M R

Posted On Wednesday, September 09, 2009 at 12:59:33 AM

For those addicted to tracking unique numerical combinations on the calendar, life on Wednesday (September 9) will be a special one: It marks the palindromic date of 09-09-09, a once-in-a-millennium phenomena.The day will be more special for 83-year-old former Botany professor of Bangalore University Prof Venkatesh S Yalgivi as he has designed a special cover to mark the palindromic date and even succeeded in getting a postal cancellation for the same.Cancellation of a special cover is the process of cancelling whatever stamp is put on the cover. It is done by the post offices. They are of two kinds - event cancellation, which is done when a cover is released to mark an event; and place cancellation, which is done when the cover is released to mark a place or date.

A philatelist for over four decades, Yalgivi is popular in the postal and philatelic circles for having special envelopes pertaining to palindromic dates from 01.01.01 and plans to end the collection with 12.12.12 (in 2012).
One of the special covers he got approved by the postal department pertained to 08.08.08, which incidentally had marked the beginning of the Beijing Olympics.Yalgivi said, “I have been a philatelist for 40 years. I first began collecting stamps and collectors’ items like postal cancellations in 1963.”

During beginning of this millennium, Yalgivi wanted to start something new. His search for new and rare collections started on the first day of 2001 (01.01.01). “I realised that if I have to see this date again, I will have to live another life. This date will not repeat for another millennium. This was the beginning of my new passion,” he said. “I have so far collected nine ‘cancelled’ envelopes with palindrome dates. My collection will end in 2012 in the month of December. No one in the world has collected 12 years of palindrome dates and I will qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records,” he said.
While researching the numbers, he stumbled upon some interesting facts. “I came across many Indian myths which are popular. For instance, if you add 9+9+9 the result is 27 which adds to nine. Nine divided by three is three. If three is multiplied by three, it results to nine again. This was specialised by Professor Kaprekar from Nasik who called it the Harshad Number, which means the number of joy,” said

This year is also auspicious in China as this is the year of the Ox. “Ox represents agrarian society. Like India, Chinese economy depends on agriculture. It is an important year for them as well,” he said. Yalgivi has collected over 500 postal cancellations with a variety of themes and stored them in separate files. “I have organised them according to themes like rare butterflies, Gandhiji, Amar Jawans and special cancellations by the post offices. It has taken me over 40 years to make this collection,” he said.
Professor Yalgivi has also collected over 100 postal cancellation covers which have numerical importance. For example, he has collected postal cancellations which have dates sequencing 08-07-06, and 07-08-09. His favourite number, however, is 06-06-06 and 07-07-07. “I love numbers and anything which has a rare number will attract me,” he said. He has collected many number sequences which are of national importance. “I have post cards which were cancelled in 1947, the year of our Independence,” he said.
On the importance of number nine, he said, “In Hindu mythology, the number is auspicious. Navarathri, Navagrahas and Navarathnas all have the significant nine in them. Even Goddess Durga has nine incarnations. All this indicates 09-09-09 is one of the most auspicious days in the Indian calendar,” he added.
Fact file
A palindrome is a word, phrase, number of other sequence of units that can be read the same in either direction (both forward and backward). Examples of such words are: civic, level, tenet, Malayalam, racecar, rotator, sexes and others.

  Published in Bangalore Mirror

Professor Yalgivi  may be contacted at  -   vsyal2001@yahoo.com


9 September Covers from USA

Mil 2

mil 5

Mil 1


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