03 September 2009

Postal Cancellations with Palindromic Dates…



Hi ! In today’s Post some interesting cancellations collected by a philatelist of Bangalore..Our distinguished member Mr Jagannath Mani writes about the rare collection of Prof.Yalvigi Venketesh.S…Its interesting to note that I have been writing about special dates for the last few days in my Blog. But here is lot of  nice information on special dates with images. it will be very interesting for those, collecting special number dates..Thanks Mr Mani for sharing this wonderful information with all. This is all for Today….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !

News from our members…..

Jagnnath Mani writes from Bangalore …..

Today I introduce my friend and life member of (KPS) Karnataka Philately Society, Prof V.S Yalvigi,  83 year old Botany Professor for 35 years, an avid philatelist for over 40 years,  a collector of some rare & interesting postal articles, cancellation catches of “Palindromic Dates” he has the collection from 01.01.01 and he wishes to complete up to 12.12.12. So that a complete set of this millennium Palindrome dates remain as records.




scan0004  .

On the great Palindromic date 09.09.09 (“This millennium consist of 12 Palindromic dates indicating beginning with 01.01.01 till 12.12.12 this kind of Palindromic dates are rare and special as it occurs once in thousand years”) Prof V.S Yalvigi has designed a special cover for the special Palindromic date 09.09.09 those who are interested & for more details may contact Prof V.S Yalvigi Tel: 09448040773 or 26499253 E-mail vsyal2001@yahoo.com








Lion Ajoy - VU2JHM said...

Congrats Prof Yalvigi for 09-09-09 and wish you break the world record by 12-12-12

de Lion Ajoy VU2JHM
International Director (One Year)
Lions International Stamp Club - LISC

Lion Ajoy - VU2JHM said...

Congrats Prof Venkatesh Yalvigi

Wish you all the very best for more !!!

de Lion Ajoy VU2JHM
International Director,
Lions International Stamp Club - LISC

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