12 September 2009

New Stamp on Mahatma Gandhi....

Date of Issue - 6 August 2009

Hi ! Here is the new Miniature Sheet depicting 4 famous world personalities, Obama, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Princess Diana commemorating International Day of Non - Violence celebrated on 2 October all over the world. However this sheet was issued on 6 August 2009 by Papua New Guinea. Here is also a beautiful Silver Coin issued by South Africa on Mahatma Gandhi. Thanks to Mr Pradip Jain of Patna who sent this information to me. This is all for today !...Till Next Post.....Have a Nice Time !

Silver Coin on Gandhi by South Africa

2008 Mahatma Gandhi, Protea R1 Sterling Silver Proof Coin

The Protea coins are named after South Africa's national flower - the King Protea - and were first introduced in 1986 to commemorate various aspects and important events in the history of
South Africa. From 1989 the King Protea has appeared on the obverse of the coins, whilst the reverse changes annually. Since 1996, important social issues have been depicted on the reverse, Each box containt certificate of authencity.For More deatils about coin and above stamp issue, Mr Pradip Jain may be contacted at E-mail - philapradip@gmail.com

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