13 September 2009

Some Unique and unusual stamps…

Stamp with embroidered petals

Date of Issue – 6 May 2009

Hi In today’s Post here are some unique and unusual stamps. These are quite fascinating because of their special features. My sincere thanks to Mr. Sundar L Bansal who sent details about these wonderful stamps from New York.The first one is a stamp issued in a form of Souvenir Sheet, shown above, features Embroidered stamp depicting the Pigeon Orchid and was issued on 6 May 2009.It has 3 embroidered petals, fixed on the stamp. Souvenir Sheet and more details about Pigeon orchid is given below.The second is a Butterfly "Five-bar swordtail" from Malaysia. This is first of its kind which glows in dark.The third one is of UAE with real pearls embedded on stamps, first of its kind.. The stamps are known as pearl diving tools and were issued on 21.12.05 . The last one is FDC issued by Finland on 6.11.08. The stamp is transparent printed on plastic, First of its kind and is a Christmas stamp. This is all for this Sunday ! Till Next Post …Have a Wonderful time !……

Singapore Pigeon Orchid-2009.jpg 2

Pigeon Orchid

Souvenir Sheet with three embroidered petals on stamp

Singapore Pigeon Orchid-2009.jpg 1

malayasia butterfly 2008 Black Background

It glows in dark.
Date of Issue - 24 April 2004

UAE Pearls

Stamps with real pearls embedded on it.
Date of Issue - 21 December 2005

Finland plastic transparent stamp FDC

Transparent stamp printed on Plastic

Date of Issue - 6 November 2008

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