14 September 2009

Cherries and Marigold on Polish Stamps…

Date of Issue - 10 August 2009

Hi ! It has been a pretty long time since I Have not written about Stamps from Polish Post, my favourite postal administration that produces some of the finest stamps in the world. Here are some recent issues on Flowers and Fruits by Polish Post. This new set of stamps is introduced with two eye-pleasing photographs of a cherry and a pot marigold. Flowers and fruits accompany us throughout our lives adorning the world, adding colour, flavour and appeal to it. Flowers embellish our homes but they also help to embody our positive emotions. The stamps are in bright colours and have been issued with two different FDCs. Here are the stamps and FDCs. This is for Today…..Till Next Post…….Have a Great Time!…..


Poland 2

The cherry (Cerasus avium (L.) -Moench, bird cherry) - species of a fruit tree in the rose family. It is native to Central and Southern Europe, Central Asia, but its numerous noble forms are cultivated in all continents. Differently coloured sweet fruits (red, yellow, almost black) associate with summer since they ripen in June and July. Although the fruits are composed of water in 80%, they contain a lot of potassium, ascorbic acid and vitamin C as well as B group vitamins. The cherry is also a valuable material for woodwork.

Poland 1

The pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) - a decorative and medicinal plant in the aster family. It is native to the Mediterranean region. The pot marigold was grown in gardens at cloisters as far back as the Middle Ages. Its flowers, or actually its extracts, have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Courtesy – Polish Post

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