06 September 2009

Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services – Date of Issue - 1 September 2009

Hi ! A set of 6 stamps depicting the various duties and activities undertaken by the UK's Fire & Rescue Services personnel was issued by Royal mail on 1 September 2009. The stamps are brightly coloured and feature the work of Fire and Rescue Services in UK.On the occasion of the new release different types of cancellations were also issued. The whole set with nice special cancellations is a collector’s delight. Here are the stamps and cancellations with FDC. The whole set is wonderful. This is all for today’s Post…,,,Till Next Post…Have a Nice Time !

FDC Fire

1st Class – Firefighting

1st Class – FirefightingTwo firefighters close in on a blaze with a hose.

54p – Chemical Fire

54p – Chemical FireToxic chemicals and fumes require specialized clothing and breathing apparatus

56p - Emergency Rescue

56p – Emergency RescueSpecialized cutting gear is used to rescue the occupants of a damaged vehicle at a road traffic accident.

62p – Flood Rescue

62p – Flood Rescue-Dealing with extreme weather conditions presents different challenges, and requires its own specific training and apparatus

81p – Search and Rescue

81p – Search and Rescue - Specially trained dogs are available to locate people trapped in collapsed buildings and travel around the world to help in earthquakes and other disasters.

90p - Fire Safety

90p – Fire Safety -Prevention and fire safety training are just as important as tackling fires, this stamp shows a public fire safety demonstration.

Different Cancellations issued on Fire & Rescue Services

cancel 3cancel 2

Cancel 5 Cancel 6

cancel 4

Cancel 1

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