24 September 2009

New Postal Stationery from Australia

Pre - Stamped Envelope - Celebrating 150 Years of Brisbane

Hi ! Here are some recent nice Postal stationery items issued by Australia Post. Australia is a country which issues not only amazing postage stamps but also wonderful postal stationery and coins. I have already written about some new glittering coins issued by Australia. But today its beautiful postal stationery caught my attention and I wish to write about them as Postal stationery is an important part of a philatelic collection. These beautiful stationery items were released by Australia Post on September 1. 2009.This is all in today’s Post…..Till Next Post …..Have a Nice Time !!….

Pre-stamped envelope

This pre-stamped envelope (PSE) celebrates the 150th anniversary of Brisbane. On the 6 September 1859 the town of Brisbane was declared a municipality.

Aus 6

Set of Five Aerogrammes

This set of three international postage paid envelopes and five aerogrammes features eight species of water bird that spend at least part of their annual migration in Australia.


  • The Pied Heron

  • Eastern Curlew
  • Black-tailed Godwit
  • Wandering Whistling-Duck
  • Roseate Tern

Aus 3

International Postage Paid Envelopes:

  • Latham's Snipe - DL
  • Yellow-nosed Albatross - C5
  • Soft-plumaged Petrel - C4

The wonderful illustrations are from lithographs by Henry Constantine Richter, published in John Gould's The Birds of Australia, released between 1840 and 1848.

Aus 2

Courtesy - Australia Post

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