10 September 2009

Cover from Bangladesh with a Rainbow..


Rain Bangladesh

Hi ! In today’s Post a beautiful FDC with a lovely Rainbow which was issued by Bangladesh Post to commemorate Thirteenth SAARC Summit, Dhaka 2005. It was sent to me by Mr Kamrul Islam from Bangladesh. Thank you very much Mr Islam for this nice cover. I also received a nice se-tenant of Iran - Bangladesh joint issue from Mr Islam.Here are the nice stamps from Bangladesh. These are the first stamps that I received from Bangladesh and pleased to show them here. In next part some more nice  covers on Tourism, sent by Mr Vasilik Zeljko from Croatia. Thanks Zeljko for these beautiful covers ! This is all for today !….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !!


Bang 2

Bang 3


Picture 020

Thanks to Mr Kamrul Islam


Covers from Croatia on Tourism

Croatia 1 

Croatia 2

Croatia 3

Thanks to Mr Vasilik Zeljko

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