17 September 2009

Fundraising Stamp on Mental Health....

Date of Issue 14 September 2009

Hi ! In today's Post, here is a fundraising stamp on Mental Health. A fundraising stamp was issued by Canada Post last year which raised more than $340,000 for the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. Canada Post raised more than $1 million in 2008 for the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. Through generous donations from the public, Canada Post employees and the company’s suppliers and customers, the Foundation has now allocated 20 grants to projects that directly benefit people affected by mental illness. This is a very good work started by Canada Post...It is a very good idea to make successful campaign and raising funds for this important issue. Well, while writing this Post on Mental Health I remember the famous Movie " Beautiful Mind" in which the matehmatics professor Nash develops paranoid schizophrenia.... His life takes a new turn...quite pathetic to see....There are several people all over the world suffering from different types of mental diseases, especially Depression which has become very common in people of all age groups these days..... There may be several causes of such diseases which vary from person to person. But an awareness about such problems may help the patient to get rid of it and lead a normal life..... They need attention and support from family and society...... The stamp issued by Canada a creates an awareness and alertness among all and makes a person to be sensitive and caring towards people who are going through any mental problem.... This is all for today...Till Next Post ....Have a Nice Time !

The Stamp
The design of stamp features natural scenery flowing through the outline of a human figure, was designed by Vancouver’s Signals Design Group. A tree was chosen as the stamp’s central element because it symbolizes health, growth and maturity, all attainable for people affected by mental illness. The shape of the tree refers subtly to the human brain, while the path progresses towards better health and a fulfilled life. “I thought of this as a moment of hope for this individual—a moment when the clouds break and the sun shines through,” explains John Belisle, Creative Director at Signals.

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