24 September 2009

9.9.9 Covers from other countries …..

Hi ! Thanks to all of you to send me such wonderful cover from your country. It’s a great pleasure to receive 999 covers from different parts of the world..Here are some covers that I recently received from my overseas friends ! Thank you very much !!!

Cover from Taiwan with nice 9999 meter cancellation label – George Wu

Thanks George ! for this beautiful cancellation with Date & Time all 9 !

Picture 052

FDC from Malaysia – Sirini Thevarayan

Picture 056

Cover from Jerusalem,Israel with meter cancellation label – Dr Eli Moallem

Picture 053

Cover from Dammam, KSA – Ganesh Potphode

Picture 057

Cover from Malaysia – John Michael Cardosa

Picture 050

Cover from Serbia – Sasa Cvejin

Picture 050

Cover from Malta – Silvan Mugliett

Picture 051

Cover from Dijon, France – David Jastrzebski

Picture 055

Thanks Limanski for this beautiful card !

Picture 054

Cover from Riga - Latvia, Limansky E.N.

Picture 056

Cover from – Croatia – Zeljko Vasilik

Picture 058

Cover from Brno, Czech Republic – Jan Strnad

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