08 September 2009

Countdown begins for 9.9.9….

Hi ! In today’s Post I have a wonderful album of Post Cards from the collection of our distinguished member Col Suresh Bagga of Chandigarh. Some old postcards with interesting facts. The coundown for 9.9.9 has begun. I have sent reminder to all my friends who are interested in receiving letters with 9.9.9 postmarks. Those who have not prepared their envelops so far may start just now to post their friends…. A news sent by Mr Prdip Jain of Patna about new stamp on Gandhi....Thanks to all contributors.... This is all for today Till next Post …Have Nice Time !..

For the collectors for 9.9.9 Postmark

New releases of 9 September 2009

New card to be released by Malta Post

New stamp to be released by India Post

Special Private Envelop to be released in Bangalore

Special stamp to be released by Malaysia Post

Vintage 1

Vintage Collection

Many philatelists specialize in vintage stamps. By some account, a vintage stamp is simply any postage stamp that is not in current circulation. Other experts define vintage stamps as older than some arbitrary years. These antique stamps are solely defined by their age, so they include misprints, cancelled or uncancelled, national or international, commemorative and air post selections.

This lends a historical dimension to the hobby that leads collectors to discover engraving and printing techniques, international relations such as colonial connections. Other unusual attributes of vintage stamps may be high face value, air mail only, misprinted with strange colors or typos, postage due, or special delivery.

- Col Suresh Bagga Email - baggasuresh@yahoo.com

Stamp on Gandhi by UNPA

Gandhi UNO.jpg 1

Gandhi UNO

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