11 July 2013

The last telegram from Kullu….



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Hi !

As we all know that telegram service in India will be discontinued on 15th July. So I also booked 5 telegrams on 9th July from BSNL office of Kullu for my friends and  one for myself. The booking charge for each telegram was Rs 30 (Minimum for telegram upto 30 words). The booking receipt is also shown here.

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I received the telegram just now from BSNL Office Kullu delivered by   Shamshi Post Office  on third day . But was shocked to see the message on an old yellow fragile paper, used for telegrams. It has just a seal of Telegraph office Kullu on the Right hand side. It is not even typed but hand written …

Time, Place and  date poorly mentioned, After the address message : Last telegram of the ERA Happy Collecting –Shikhar, Kullu.

To see the present format of telegram  and its delivery time at the local place (of course telegrams booked to other cities will reach later) ,  it is a wise decision of the Government to discontinue it….As it has no value in present time !! 

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Many of you must be sending last telegrams ….It would be nice to compare the present  telegram formats  sent from different BSNL offices…I am sure there will be a big variety of last telegrams..….

However Telegram will have lasting memory as  it was a quick medium of communication , years ago…..

This is all for today…Happy Collecting !!

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