11 July 2013

Shawls from Russia…




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Russian Post issued a  set of 4 stamps in sheetlet form  featuring famous Russian Shawls.  I am sharing here  information about Russian shawls. It just caught my attention as the place, Kullu where I live is famous for shawls all over the world. It is really nice to write here about shawls of Russia …





Russian post issued a set of stamps dedicated to Arts and Crafts of Russia and depicting shawls produced by Pavlovopasadsky, Orenburg, Karabanovsky and Trekhgorny manufactories.

Pavlovopasadsky products represent a riot of lush garden and wild flowers in the corners of a shawl with garland on the border, as well as oriental ornaments imitating Indian and Persian shawls. This Moscow province was also famous for its production of patterned silk fabrics and scarves.

Orenburg shawl is a knitted shawl made of goat’s wool and base (cotton, silk and other). There are several kinds of Orenburg shawls:

Simple shawl – grey (rarely white) thick warm downy shawl. With the production of these shawls the Orenburg knitting industry was launched. This is the warmest kind of shawl which was used for everyday wear.

Gossamer – laced fabrication from goat’s wool and silk. It was used in ceremonies, festive occasions, as the schemes and techniques of knitting were much more complex than in the case of a simple downy shawl.

Tippet – a thin scarf/cape analogical to gossamer by the technique of fabrication and manner of use.

Shawls of Troetsko-Alexandrovsly manufacture of Baranovy traces its history from 1846.

Multicolored floral patterns played a major role in product’s ornamentation. The red colour, present in each element, united central part and border, background and main pattern. Along with floral patterns the Baranovsky shawls had geometric and Oriental (“cucumber”) motifs.

Among the diverse range of Trekhgorny manufacture scarves and shawls played an important role. Most products had a “classic” ornament: broad border with a lush flower garland, large central part with rhythmically balanced bouquets or branches, creating a feeling of static pattern.

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Source : Indian Philately Digest

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