03 July 2013

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Light Houses of Poland

Thanks to Andrzej Bek, Poland

Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath cave is a very famous shrine in Hinduism located in  Jammu and Kashmir . It is dedicated to Shiva. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft), about 141 km (88 mi) from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and reached through Pahalgam town. The shrine forms an important part of Hinduism, and is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism. The cave is surrounded by snowy mountains. The cave itself is covered with snow most time of the year except for a short period of time in summer when it is open for pilgrims. An annual pilgrimage is made to the Amarnath cave by lakhs of Hindu devotees on challenging mountainous terrain to see an ice stalagmite formed inside the cave. Amarnath Yatra is an important holy pilgrimage of Hindus.

Cancellations from the APO en-route to Amarnath Yatra


Amarnathyatra 2000 Cancellation of FPO 873 & Unit censor E1-239



Amarnathyatra 2000 Cancellation of M.I. Room 4/1 Gorakha Regiment

: Timir R. Shah- Vadodara

News from UK..

Birds attack on Postal Workers…

post royal


The real life angry birds: Postmen refuse to deliver to seaside road because of risk of being dive-bombed by seagulls protecting their nests

Postal workers are refusing to deliver to a seaside cul-de-sac because they are coming under attack - from dive-bombing seagulls. Officials at Royal Mail said petrified postmen have been injured by the swooping birds, dive-bombing and pecking at their heads.

It is thought the gulls are launching their aerial onslaughts to protect nests, and are being made even angrier by the postal workers’ brightly-coloured uniforms. Royal Mail has now ruled the gulls are a health and safety risk and have told residents at Liskey Hill Crescent, Perranporth, Cornwall, to collect their letters from a nearby post office.

But homeowners say they have had to put up with the seagull blitz themselves for years and want mail staff to start delivering again. Jackie Bray, 67, who has lived on the crescent for 35 years, said: 'I’m waiting for a hip operation and now I have to go to the post office every day to collect my mail.

'It’s a service that we pay for, a service we are not getting. We have to put up with the seagulls so why can’t they? They should man up, buy a hard helmet and deal with it.'

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: Markand Dave – Nadiad (Gujarat)

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