12 July 2013

Animals in the zoo….


Byelorussian post launched a stamp set dedicated to the zoos of Belarus – the Minsk Zoo and the Grodno Zoo – and their inhabitants. The stamps feature inhabitants of the both zoos – Amur leopard, European mouflon, Steller’s sea-eagle and Siberian tiger. The sheetlet also features entrances in the Minsk and Grodno zoos.


The Minsk Zoo was founded on August 9, 1984 by nature amateurs – employees of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Its founder and the first manager was Fiodor Revzin. At first it was a Zoological and Botanical Garden. Nowadays the Minsk Zoo is a unique museum of wildlife. Its collection includes both exotic animals and rare fauna of Belarus.

The Grodno Zoo is the oldest in Belarus. It was founded as an educational botanical garden in 1927 by a school teacher and animal lover Yan Kokhanovski. When animals of the local fauna appeared there it became a Zoological garden. Since 1939 it entered into state property. Currently the collection of the zoo is replenished through the purchase of new animals, exchange with other zoos, breeding of young animals, etc.

The Last Telegrams of the era….

The last telegrams sent by philatelists after the Govt announced to discontinue the Telegram service in India  on 15th July, have specific messages giving farewell to the telegram  and  show the end of an era of the telegrams.. I am sharing here some telegrams sent by collectors in last few days with special message…


Telegram in Coma since 13th June


Telegram sent from Ahmedabad to Vadodara


: Prashant Pandya – Vadodara

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