17 July 2013

New stamps from Ukraine



On 26 July 2013 a souvenir sheet “900 years of chronicle “Primary Chronicle” will be issued.  The stamp depicts Nestor Litopycets (author of the chronicle) during his work, block selvages depict events, described in the chronicle.



On 28 July 2013 a souvenir sheet “The 1025th Anniversary of Christening of the Kyivan Rus”  of one stamp will be issued. 

My Recent Cover


Picture 007

Thanks to Mr Wolfgang Beyer for this nice cover with Pictorial cancellation issued on June 24th at 38364 Schöningen ,the cancellation  features a prehistoric man holding a spear.

From Our Readers..


Dainik Bhaskar 16 July 2013

: Sudhir Jain – Satna


: Ambrish Kumar – Allahabad

Adiue Telegram…

Telegraph had achieved its centenary on 01.11.1953.  But alas ! it could not achieve a bi-centenary. It has become a part of history from 15.07.13, i.e. in its 160th year. For a modern medium of communication, however,even this count is remarkable. Surely, none of its progeny, viz the net-based mail, SMSs or any of their current variants, are going to have that longevity. We are into an an age of fast technological supersessions.

Except for the last decade-and-a half of its 160-year long currency, the telegrams were an integral part of our life , in a way as no other mode of communication had been ,or shall be .

The nationalist in the heart of each of us would feel at the juncture of its departure that its first impact on the national life of India was rather to the detriment of the popular emotions-- the telegraph was one of the several factors that helped the British defeat the patriots of 1857. But thereafter, the facility gradually permeated our society as its quickest and surest mode of ultimate communication , as if to make amends . From being the mode of the most momentous of our news it had the distinction of popularity for facilitating the passage of the less momentous and sometimes even  the more mundane of our tidings.

One hopes that all of the 'last' telegrams would reach their destinations and will not be lost in the oblivion of official apathy , inaction and  disservice , the way quite a big quantum of ordinary post is lost in some of  the northern Indian states . Obviously. we have not been able to tender the out-going facility a "telegraphic" farewell. Why are the 'last' telegrams being made to go the way of post-cards? Could'nt the business of the  final days be planned better when the event was well known in advance?

Be the things as they stand, we could our 'last' telegrams sure and safe delivery and ,as the message goes , bid a warm goodbye to the ' missives in the morse ' .

: Deepak Dubey – Korba Chhattisgarh

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