15 July 2013

Exhibition on Telegrams..



An exhibition on 'Telegrams' is being held at the Philatelic Exhibition Hall, Anna Road Head Post Office, Chennai 600002 from 15.07.2013. This exhibition is to mark the closure of Telegraphic Service by the Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India. Telegraphic Service was introduced in India during 1850s and for the past 160 years Telegraphic Service provided a vital link for the common man and also played a key role in the growth of the country. Telegrams issued by the East India Company and other telecom service providers will be on display for a period of one month from 15.07.2013. It will provide a delightful experience to the viewers as most of the exhibits are more than 100 years old. The exhibition is open from 10 am to 4 pm, on all working days. The exhibition hall itself is located inside the 'Warwick Theatre', the first electric theatre in the City, which is one of the heritage landmarks of Chennai.

The exhibition has been organized by South India Philatelists' Association, Chennai.Visitors can also purchase new stamps from the Philatelic Bureau, adjacent to the exhibition hall.


PMG CCR Mr. Mervin Alexander inaugurated the Telegram Expo and viewing the exhibits with the President of South India Philatelists' Association alongwith Mr. Ethiraj and Mr. D.H. Rao

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: CG Bhaskar – Chennai

New Special Cover

Vigilance Study Circle 2003-2013


Hyderabad - 6 July 2013

: Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum


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