08 July 2013

50 Years of Woman’s First Flight to Space



Russian post issued a stamp to commemorate 50th anniversary of woman’s first flight to space.After the first successful flight of Soviet cosmonaut, the Soviet Union decided to send a woman astronaut into space. Initially the simultaneous flight of two women’s crews was planned, but later this plan was abandoned in favour of the selection of one astronaut among five candidates. Valentina Tereshkova was selected astronaut number 1 among Soviet women.


The world’s first woman astronaut went into space flight in June 16, 1963 on the “Vostok-6″ spaceship from the “Baikonur” cosmodrome. Despite the physical discomfort Tereshkova endured 48 orbits around the Earth and spent almost three days in space, where she was keeping a logbook and making photographs of the horizon, which were later used for the detection of aerosol layers in the atmosphere.

Club News

A Stamp Expo-2013 will be held on “Gandhi and Tagore on 9th & 10th July from 11:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. at Rabindra  Bhawan, Birchand Patel Path, Patna – 800001 .

    During the exhibition a letter writing and Stamp designing competition will be organized. All are requested to attend the exhibition.   The exhibits may be submitted by 08th July 2013 Positively at Philately Bureau Patna GPO.


: Pradip Jain – Patna

Special Covers

Two special covers were released in Kolkata in Jan – Feb 2013.

Automated Mail Processing Centre, Kolkata

Automated Mail Processing Centre-2

27 January 2013 – Kolkata

Indian Dental Conference

Indian Dental Conference

22 February 2013 – Kolkata

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